Community Created Assets

Community Created Assets

Some amazing Wilders have demonstrated the Wilder Spirit and the philosophy of Wilder World in such impressive ways, creating content that are helpful to light the way for new Wilder citizens. Here we share those invaluable assets with the community 💫.

📰 The Open Metaverse: A Definitive Guide to Zero and Wilder World by Bart Hillerich

🏎 Sma11's Wheels Black Book

A brilliant document that ranks of all wheels, including their grouping and statistical sales value. A document that is used regularly by the community.

🗄 Wild Bookman’s Wilder World Assets Database

A complete database of Crafts, Wheels and Cribs by the one and only Wild Bookman.

📘 CryptoCaspa Wilder’s Ledger Settings PDF

A PDF to help Wilders enable their Ledger settings to mint and stake.

📂 Yob’s Wilder Terminology Spreadsheet

Yob’s awesome overview guides beginners through the complicated jungle of crypto and Wilder World abbreviations and terms


📘 CryptoCaspa Wilder’s Beginner’s handbook to Wilder World

A handbook designed to help complete beginners and new Wilders understand the basics of everything that is Wilder World.

🏞️ Wilder World Info-duction by D00D

🏞️ zChain infographic LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y

Thank you to the amazing LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y for putting this invaluable infographic together to help the community get set up on the zChain.


🏞️ Discord Text Tricks by LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y

LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y have created another brilliant infographic. This time, teaching the community some handy Discord Text Tricks!


🏞️ Wilder World and Zero Infographics by Belshe

Brilliant infographics created by Belshe to teach Wilders about WilderWorld and Zer0.


🏞️ Wilder World Industry Breakdown by Belshe

Thank you to Belshe for creating a second set of fantastic infographics to breakdown the Wilder World Industries.


🗄️ Wilder Beasts Rarity Tool by Moo

A brilliant tool developed by Moo for the community to check overall and category ranking of Wolves.

🏞️ Wilder Beasts Breakdown by D00D

Everything that you need to know about Wilder Beasts is presented in this brilliant info-duction by D00D and the GOWW club.