Discord Role Systems

Discord Role Systems


We love how the community show up to discord, offering support and spreading the Wilder Spirit. Your allocated Discord role correlates to your level of activity in the server. Roles are calculated by XP points and for every minute that you’re messaging, you randomly gain between 11 and 18 XP. To avoid spamming, earning XP is limited to once a minute per user. In the Discord server you can type !rank to see your rank and level.

  • Soul Wilder: the Soul Wilder role is automatically allocated to any new Wilder when joining the server. To reduce the risk of spammers and scammers, those with the Soul Wilder role are unable to post links, pictures, videos and memes
  • Essence Wilder: once reaching Level 3, Wilders are automatically assigned the Essence role and can post pictures, videos and links
  • True Wilder: At level 10, True Wilders can also post memes in the Discord #meme-machine
  • Elemental Wilder: mustard, this role allows Wilders to use/play command for the voice channel
  • Allies: The Allies are Wilder World community members who have proven their loyalty and commitment to the greater good by supporting and advocating for Wilder World in all dimensions. Allies show up consistently to spread knowledge of the Wilder ways and aim to guide and elevate new Wilders into a deeper understanding of Wilder World, its sister company Zero, and the intricacies of building a 5D Metaverse. Wilders Rise Together! (WRT). Allies embody the 8 principles of the Wilder Spirit. More on these principles can be seen below.

The Principles of the Wilder Spirit

Allies embody the 8 principles of the Wilder Spirit and recognize that we are intentionally co-creating a future from a place of trust, empathy, love, kindness, friendship and abundance for all. Allies offer constructive feedback and suggestions so that the Wilder Team can manifest the desires of our community and more.

πŸ’« Principles of The Wilder Spirit | πŸ’« Principle 1: Honor Loyalty β€” Recognize and giving back to the people who believe in you. πŸ’« Principle 2: Respect & Compassion for Being β€” Feelings, points of view and opinions are valid. Operate with an open heart and an open mind while receiving and sharing in order to create a comfortable space for the greater community. πŸ’« Principle 3: Trust the Process. Proactively take steps to allow the truth to reveal itself. πŸ’« Principle 4: Evolve with a Growth Mindset β€” Embody a willingness to accept and implement positive change β€” You are the master of your mind. πŸ’« Principle 5: Elevate the Community to build a brighter future β€” We rise together by recognizing every current action affects the future present. We encourage active participation, co-creation, collaboration and contribution. πŸ’« Principle 6: Operate from a place of Mindfulness & Intentionality β€” Take responsibility for your actions and choices and maintain a sense of awareness to promote balance within the Community. πŸ’« Principle 7: Appreciate Artistic Quality β€” Exercise your regard for thoughtful experiences, artistry and the applications of form and function within your environment. πŸ’« Principle 8: Find the Gift in Everything β€” Gratitude bestows blessings.

Value One: Kindness - Humility - Empathy Love Value Two: Responsibility - Excellence Coherence Integrity Value Three: Transcendence - Behaviours: Presence Awareness Abundance