Wilder.Cribs is our genesis real estate release within the Wilder Nation, that consists of 108, 1 of 1 procedurally generated NFT luxury condos spread across 39 floors reaching up into the Wiami heavens.

Sophisticated and sublime, this captivating architectural marvel is chasing the podium place for the very best luxury in the Metaverse. With sprawling views of Wiami and futuristic living.

Across the elegantly and architecturally designed 39 levels there are six uniquely crafted floor plans with the majority of levels containing 3 stunning condos. Levels 37–39 will feature the Crème de la crème penthouses, the rarest of all the Cribs.

The most rare is located at the pinnacle of the building with private access to the rooftop which will have abilities to develop future features; including Wiami’s first roof-top craft-pad! Budding interior designers will be excited to know that we are developing a set of tools that will enable you to build out your own unique features in each condo; we want you to make your Crib, your very own.

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Watch the official Wilder.Craft Trailer

Wilder.Cribs Drop #1: The Qube 🏠

SOLD OUT. Price: 501 $WILD, Amount: 99, Date: Nov 30, 2021

Cribs FAQs

How am I eligible to mint a Crib?
Drop #1

Users were required to apply for the whitelist raffle through WWMM, submissions were then scrubbed for the wallet requirement of holding at least 501 WILD, 99 wallets were randomly selected from those that were eligible.

Which currencies are required to mint a Crib?

WILD for minting + ETH Gas Fee

What kind of housing structure are the Cribs from Drop #1 ?


If I already have a Wilder World NFT, can I mint a Crib?

Yes you are eligible for the whitelist raffle

How can I buy a Crib?

You can buy a crib on our Opensea page or Wilder World Metaverse Market

How many Cribs are in the Qube Building?

There are 108 cribs in the Qube Building.