Genesis Rewards Program

Genesis Rewards Program

Wilder World Genesis NFTs are the first collections of each Wilder industry. Industry rewards grant Genesis NFT holders access to mintlists, claims, airdrops, and raffles for all subsequent collections within that industry.

Platform rewards span across the Wilder ecosystem and are enacted when new industries are launched. They will function primarily to reward Wilders for the number of Genesis asset categories held and the length of time held. Additional benefits include exclusive merch, IRL parties/events, and in-metaverse perks.

The launch of Wilder.Moto on July 12th 2022 was the very first implementation of Platform Rewards, where for each Wilder Wheel held, Wilders could claim one Wilder.Moto Genesis NFT to claim for free (+ ETH gas fee)!


Genesis Collections 👟🚗🏠🐺🏍️🃏

Air Wild Season 0 from Pet Liger, featuring 99 unique digital kicks that have dynamic gameplay abilities in Wilder World. All pairs are procedurally generated 1 of 1 NFTs with various levels of rarity.

Wilder Wheels, 6,396 procedurally generated 5D 1 of 1 NFT vehicles with dynamic gameplay abilities in Wilder World, including access to the P2E Wheels Racing Loop.

Wilder Craft, the hovercraft industry in the metaverse. Reach rare altitude through these 501 unique procedurally generated 5D crafts with dynamic gameplay abilities in Wilder World.

Wilder Cribs: the Qube, the first real estate offering in Wilder World. Consisting of 108 unique procedurally generated luxury NFT condos spread across 39 floors reaching up into the Wiami heavens.


Wilder Beasts: Wolves, the inaugural PFP project of Wilder World. 3,333 Wolves who arrived through an inter-dimensional portal to become the first lifeforms to roam Wilder World.

Wilder Moto, 6,396 procedurally generated Moto with dynamic gameplay abilities in Wilder World.


Wild Cards Metaphoenix and CyberHeist are not Wilder industries, but they were some of the earliest NFT collections released by our team. To reward our Wilder OGs holding these assets in their wallet, NFTs from these collections will count towards a Trinity as well!


Genesis Rewards FAQs❓

What qualifies as a Genesis asset?

Read our first Genesis Rewards Program Zine for these details:

Will time of hold be a retroactive calculation? I’m hoping to transfer assets into cold storage but don’t want to mess up my score.

We are still working out the details here so we can’t guarantee this is how it will work, but yes we will likely consider retroactive holding periods prior to creating a Trinity user interface to select your Trinities.

Will a wallet’s average holding amount over a period of time count? I flip NFTs and have held the same amount of Wheels in my wallet, but have held different Wheels over time.

In a way, yes. Once a Trinity is created in our interface and the clock system begins ticking, Citizens can swap an asset out for another (if it's in the same industry as the asset being removed OR if it's in an industry not currently represented within the Chain) and maintain their time held. You must have an asset on hand to replace the current one in one transaction; removing an asset from a Trinity with plans of adding another NFT at a later time would result in the breakup of the Chain and a clock reset.

As a Genesis holder, how do I get on the Mintlist for these industry and platform rewards?

We are working to implement a system that eliminates the need for mintlists entirely (although special circumstances may dictate a need for us to utilize mintlists in the future). In the future, Wilder NFT holders will simply need to show up at the correct site to mint. This system will be first utilized in the Moto claim.

Wilders only need three Genesis assets to form a Trinity. Will there be added benefits and incentives for people to collect four, five, etc. Genesis assets from different industries?

Yes! There are powerful incentives coming to Wilders with collections that extend beyond the three industry requirement for a Trinity. Trinity is the key to our Rewards Program moving forward, but Wilders who go the extra mile will be blessed even further.

How do Metaphoenix and Cyberheist fit into the Rewards Program?

Metaphoenix and Cyberheist are on a separate contract and are not official Genesis assets of a Wilder industry. As they were the first Wilder NFT drops, their significance is not something we want to downplay. To reward holders, each of these NFTs will be given wildcard power, meaning they can stand in for any missing Genesis asset in a collection. This allows these assets to form Trinities and gives the holder all the benefits of holding an additional Genesis NFT from another industry. Let’s say for example a Wilder owns one Trinity already and has 2/3 NFTs needed for a second set; a Cyberheist NFT would count for that set and enable them to form a second Trinity.

What about Wilder Concept, WOW, and Wilder Guild?

Each of these is a Wilder industry that has already launched but did so with a 1 of 1 NFT instead of a Genesis collection. Owners of the first item minted of each industry will, as with Cyberheist and Metaphoenix, have a wildcard that they can use to form a Trinity. As no bids were accepted for Concept NFTs, this currently only affects the owner of Wild Guidance and WOW - Poster Zero. If industries launch in the future with a 1 of 1 NFT, it will be a wildcard as well.

What are the Limitations of Wildcards?

Wildcards are limited only by the number of Genesis collections available at any given time (after Moto arrives, this number will be 6). Essentially Wilders can not create larger chains than would be possible exclusively using Genesis NFTs.

Example: A Wilder could not add a Wildcard to a Level 6 Trinity Chain and make it a Level 7 Chain before the 7th Genesis collection launches.

From our current perspective, anything else is fair game without limitations. Wilders can create a Trinity with 3 Wildcards, they could add 2 Wildcards to a Level 4 Trinity Chain to make it a Level 6 Trinity Chain, etc. Each Wildcard can be thought of as a unique industry Genesius NFT relative to a holder’s collection of assets.