Metropolis: The Wilder World Staking System

Metropolis: The Wilder World Staking System

Wilder World's "Metropolis" enables the flow of tokens from different industries to flow back to the Wilder Nation and its Citizens. There are two primary types of staking pools within the Wilder Nation: Global Staking Pool & Industry Staking Pools.

Industry Staking Pools

Industry staking enables Wilders to have exposure to the revenue generated within a specific Wilder World Industry. Examples of current industries on the WWMM include:

  • Wilder.Wheels: The Automotive industry in the Metaverse. 5D vehicles with full utility in Wilder World.
  • Wilder.Kicks: 5D footwear to be worn in the Metaverse.
  • Wilder.Cribs: A place to call home in the Metaverse (launching soon).
  • Wilder.Land: An opportunity to build a new dimension of reality (launching soon).
  • Wilder.Guild: Wilder World’s first official artist DAO.
  • Wilder.Concept: A place to collectively imagine and co-create the Metaverse.
  • WOW: World Origin Wilder – The Original Wilder Story: An Interdimensional Rescue Mission to Other Worlds in Danger.

These pools enable holders to stake NFTs within a specific industry, in exchange for exposure to the growth of that industry.

Here's how it works:

  • Let's assume you own a particular vehicle (NFT) within the 'Wilder.Wheels' industry that you purchased on the WWMM — such as a Wambo or Waserati.
  • You will be able to stake that NFT and earn a portion of the GDP from the entire 'Wilder.Wheels' industry.
  • Staking will 'lock' the asset, thereby removing its ability for use inside Wilder World. In the case of staking a Wilder Wheels NFT, you will be locking it into 'the proverbial Metaverse garage'.

This mechanism enables NFT holders to not only purchase assets in different industries that they have an affinity for, but to 'co-fund' the development of industries through the purchase and staking of specific NFTs.

When NFTs are staked in an industry pool, they will be locked in a smart contract and will not be available for sale on the WWMM or third-party sites like OpenSea. The effect of this increases scarcity of NFTs available for sale, with the objective of creating upward price pressure for NFTs within that industry.

Global Staking Pool

Global staking enables Wilders to earn $WILD by giving Citizens exposure to the entire Wilder World economy. In order to stake, Wilders will first need to become liquidity providers for the ETH/WILD liquidity pool on Uniswap, and will in turn receive UNI-LP tokens.

Wilders will then be able to stake their UNI-LP tokens in exchange for a portion of the total 'earnings' generated by the Wilder Nation based-on the following distribution:

  • 50%: Staking rewards paid out in $WILD. These will vest for one year from date of issuance.
  • 50%: Converted to $LOOT and held by the treasury managed by the Wilder Nation DAO.

Earnings refers to the total income generated after paying the creators responsible for revenue generation: 'Gross Revenue - Creator Fees = Earnings'. We have been prototyping many different royalty models with the goal of providing significantly better incentivizes for creators relative to traditional corporations. We believe this can enable us to attract the best talent in the world from the likes of Apple, Google, Pixar as well as top game studios.

Staking rewards will be paid out from the WILD pool relative to the amount of revenue generated by the Wilder Nation. If revenue is generated using tokens other than WILD (i.e., ETH), then $WILD will be purchased from treasury or on the open market.

There will be no requirement to stake and no penalty for unstaking at any time.

NFT Staking

The first version of Metropolis will be rolling out before the end of 2021. We will provide an announcement with the exact deployment date beforehand along with additional information regarding the exact reward structures, staking mechanics and initial pool sizes.

Can I trade staked NFTs?

No, if they are staked in the staking pools then they cannot be traded.

How long will my staked NFT and NFT staking rewards be locked up for?

More details on this will be provided as we approach the launch of Metropolis.

However, you will be able to unstake your assets at any time, and the rewards will typically be locked up for 1-year.

What are the rewards for staking?

More details on this will be provided as we approach the launch of Metropolis.

$WILD Staking FAQ’s

How will staking rewards work?

Staking Rewards are locked for 12 months. Anytime you claim your rewards, those rewards will be vested in the WILD Staking Pool for compounded returns. Read more here.

How do liquidity pools work?

Here is a video on the subject: How do LIQUIDITY POOLS work?

How do I Farm $WILD?

In order to acquire the liquidity pool tokens for the LP farm you will need $ETH and $WILD in your wallet. Here is a link to add liquidity in exchange for $WILD/$ETH LP tokens on Uniswap. Once converted, use this link where the LP tokens can be farmed using the Farm WILD - WETH LP tab.

Do you need to “claim” before unstaking?

No. When you unstake, it will also trigger a function to claim the rewards at the same time.

Will I be eligible for wallet snapshots for airdrops if my $WILD is staked?

No - $WILD will need to be unstaked and in a private wallet before the snapshot is taken to be considered for the ZERO allocation.

What does the (x) in 1x-2x staking mean? How is it defined?

X is the multiple. 1X staking receives the base level of staking. 2X receives double staking benefits. For example, if you own a Wilder Hideout Wheel, you have 2X staking and therefore earn double the staking benefits that someone staking a non-hideout wheel would.