What is $WILD?

$WILD is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. $WILD has a fixed supply of 500,000,000 and acts as the Wilder World DAO governance token. $WILD governs the revolution, is community owned, is used for many things within the Wilder World Metaverse and Market and gives incentives and rewards to artists and collectors alike. $WILD will be the token used to trade NFTs on the WWMM.

$WILD Contract Address


$WILD Total and Circulating Supply


When will more $WILD be released for circulation?

Check out the tokenomics for more information, and stay tuned for announcements.

Will it be possible to stake your $WILD tokens?
Are there any ways to farm $WILD tokens?
Is KYC verification needed for trading?

If you’re buying or selling $WILD on centralized exchanges like Gate.io, and KuCoin you will be required to KYC before you can proceed. $WILD has a liquidity pool on Uniswap which does not require KYC.

I bought $WILD before the Chainswap hack. What should I do now?

Please follow the steps in the Chainswap hack update and let us know if you have further questions.

Token Metrics

Check out this article to read about our token metrics.

Is $WILD on BSC?

We don’t have any plans to list on BSC at the moment.

Useful $WILD Links
Consensys Token Audit Report
What did the $WILD token start at?

$WILD token started out at the IDO price of $0.048 per token.

Where can I find the market cap for $WILD?

Check out this link to find the market cap.

When was the IDO for $WILD?

May 11, 2021.