What is $ZERO?

$ZERO is the governance token for the Zero Platform.

$ZERO contract address


How to Buy $ZERO tokens

  1. Visit app.uniswap.org
  2. Connect your web3 wallet in the top right of the interface. This wallet must hold ETH in order to buy $ZERO.
  3. Click 'Select a Token' in the token swap input below where it says 'ETH'.
  4. Paste '0x0eC78ED49C2D27b315D462d43B5BAB94d2C79bf8' into the 'Search name or paste address' input field. This is the ZERO token address.
  5. Select 'Import' beside the 'ZERO' token indicator. Click Import.
  6. Enter in the amount of ETH you would like to swap for ZERO. Click Swap.
  7. Confirm your transaction with your wallet.

$ZERO Total Supply

  • Total supply: 10,101,010,101 ZERO tokens


Who is eligible for the $ZERO allocation?

Those holding $WILD in their private wallet during the snapshots will be eligible to receive $ZERO. Read more about it here.

What does QDO stand for?

QDO stands for Quantum Dex Offering — a novel mechanism to *birth one ZERO Universe from another.

What is the purpose of a QDO?

  1. To reward citizens of existing Universes every time a new Universe launches on ZERO.
  2. To create mutually aligned incentives between Universes and their citizens; when one Universe expands, we all expand.
  3. To ensure that everyone (not just institutions and insiders) reap the potential economic benefits of having early access to new token launches on ZERO.
  4. To ensure that new Universes built on ZERO have an immediate and automatic number of engaged citizens to bootstrap their economy. This creates an intrinsic network effect (metcalfe²) for new Universes created on top of the ZERO protocol.

ZERO Tech Infrastructure

What is Zero?

Zero is a community-governed alternative to traditional social networks and internet platforms that is based on open, distributed and transparent protocols.

What am I supposed to do on Zero?

The ZERO platform provides a number of useful features for our community (artists, collectors and fans) to connect, collaborate and co-create. Some of those features include: → PROFILES: Curate your profile highlighting your skill set and portfolio → CHANNELS: Tailored chat channels to keep up to date with all the $WILD and Metaverse news → MESSAGE: Join town halls, AMAs or have video chats with other Wilders → VIDEO: Real-time direct messaging old and new friends → FEED: Share the latest articles, artwork, and videos with the Wilder community We’ve put together more information and links to videos about how to explore Wilder World on ZERO here: https://medium.com/wilder-world/where-the-wilders-roam-2e954de3def5

Is Zero fully decentralized?

Zero plans to achieve full-decentralization by December 2022.

Where can I find more info on Zero’s internal token structure and governance?

Details of the tokens can be found here: https://www.zero.study/zos/governance-and-token-issuance

Is there an app available for Android and iOS?

Yes the Zero Android App. The iOS version is on the App Store and named Zero Tech

Which room is good for asking questions?

Please feel free to communicate with our team in our Support channels (community, FAQ, & ZERO-App).

Is there a public REST api that can be used to check the infinity price from ZERO?

Not yet unfortunately. We should have an API for the system live sometime later this year. Check out our announcements channel on ZERO for updates.

Will there be another token to power your ZERO social app?

$ZERO will be the governance token on the platform and Infinity ($III) will serve as treasury. Similar case to $WILD and $LOOT. Make sure you read the ZERO article below fully to understand what we are establishing: https://www.zine.live/update-0/

Is there a video on how to navigate this website?

Please see the link below for more information on ZERO: https://medium.com/wilder-world/where-the-wilders-roam-2e954de3def5

Do you have plans to integrate some kind of user EXP/LVLs/quests/NPCs etc?

Yes, we have plans. Stay tuned for more announcements.

How do I get invited to ZERO?

Use the link below: Wilder World on ZERO