Intro to Wilder World

Wilder World is a new dimension of reality, a massive multiplayer metaverse that leverages the latest advancements in photorealism, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. You, as a Wilder, control its future. Wilder World is a decentralized economy owned and governed by you. Built using the latest advancements in blockchain technology, in order to enable ownership and protect your inalienable digital rights. Own your reality!
Leveraging the latest advances in real-time photorealism, virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence and massive scale multiplayer technology creates an unparalleled experience.
In-engine shot of Sunrise in Wiami
Wilder World will be a new form of virtual experience for humanity; one that empowers creatives and rewards citizens for participating in the ecosystem. It will first be brought to the masses through Wiami, the maiden Wilder city built to become one of the great crossroads of the metaverse where interoperability and Web3 openness are championed features.
For a glimpse of Wiami, check out our Dev Log 1 Zine and Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser released on Monday, July 31st 2023.
Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser
Cruising down the BLVD
Everything in Wiami, from avatars to clothing, vehicles, land, buildings, and more, will be an NFT that is fully tradable on the Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM). Wilder NFTs are categorized by industry; foundational pillars to the prosperity of our Network State that are structured as community-run DAOs. Each NFT is engineered to be metaverse-ready with dynamic gameplay attributes and full usability in-world.
Promenade Concept
Wilder World, metaverse, 5D, NFT, NFT Assets, Photorealistic metaverse
Once DAO systems are wholly operational, Wilder NFT holders will get to influence the direction of Wilder industry growth through NFT-based DAO governance centered around the submission and execution of proposals through our “zDAO” system.
Wilder World is operated with $WILD, an ERC20 token that acts as the project’s native DAO token. WILD is community-owned and provides holders a share of ecosystem revenues, voting rights, WWMM utility, and more.
The long-term vision of this project is to build a virtual nation state (i.e. “Network State”) powered by AAA-quality NFTs with millions of active citizens built on the foundation of mature industries, a liquid NFT marketplace, play to earn (P2E) developments, partnerships with the best projects in the web3 space, and contributions from the world’s top artists and creatives.
Wilder World, metaverse, 5D, NFT, NFT Assets, Photorealistic metaverse
We aim to create a brighter, Protopian future that cherishes core values of kindness, responsibility, and transcendence. Wilders will steward an invigorating Web3 experience filled with millions of NFTs that empower Wilders, support self-sovereign ownership of digital assets, and facilitate a global, self-driven economy through unparalleled incentives, profit redistribution, and open protocols.
Wilder World, metaverse, 5D, NFT, NFT Assets, Photorealistic metaverse
Earlier progress can be seen in the Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser and the Dev Log 0 Racing Gameplay.
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