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Intro to Industries, NFT Collections and Mints

Everything in Wiami, from avatars to clothing, vehicles, land, buildings, and more, will be an NFT that is fully tradable on the Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM). Wilder World NFTs are procedurally generated and are amongst the highest quality and highest utility 5D NFTs ever created.
Wilder NFTs are categorized by industry; foundational pillars to the prosperity of our Network State that are structured as community-run DAOs. Industries can mimic real life. For instance, Wilder.Kicks, are a part of the footwear industry. More industries will arise as more NFTs are created within Wilder World. Down the road, industries will exist in Wilder World that do not exist in real life. The metaverse is not bound to the laws of physics, only to the bounds of the imagination.
Air Wild Season 0 Kicks
Each NFT is engineered to be metaverse-ready with dynamic gameplay attributes and full usability in-world. NFT utility can refer to in-game utility such as Player Vs Player (PVP) and Play to Earn (P2E) gaming, or rewards based utility in industry staking. Wheels for example will be fully drivable in Wilder World and can be raced, used as transportation or staked to earn a portion of the entire Wilder.Wheels industry GDP.
Wilder Wheels: Wosler WT900W 2010
Each industries' first NFT collection will be deemed "Genesis NFTs". Holding these Genesis NFTs will be the key to receiving industry and platform rewards as the Wilder World NFT economy continues to expand. These rewards will be made possible through the "Genesis Rewards program".
Wilder Moto: Hover Model
There are currently seven Wilder World NFT industries, in which Kicks (Air Wild Season 0, 1 and 2), Wheels, Crafts, Cribs, Beasts (Wolves and Wapes), Moto and PALs (GENs) have been launched, with Wavatars and Land confirmed as future drops.
Wilder Beast: Wolf
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