Wilder.Moto are a collection of 6,396 procedurally generated NFTs. The launch of Wilder.Moto on July 12th 2022 was the very first implementation of Platform Rewards, where for each Wilder Wheel held, Wilders could claim one Wilder.Moto Genesis NFT to claim for free (+ ETH gas fee)! The 6,396 Wilder.Moto are categorized into one of four models: Cruiser (3611 Motos), Sport (1550 Motos), Exotic (980 Motos) and Hover (255 Motos). Full details on utility and rarity can be found here.

Moto Trailer

Moto Drop

The Moto claim period opened on July 12th at 1:00pm PDT and closed a week later on July 19th at 1:00pm PDT. Motos were free to claim (paying gas only) for Wilder.Wheels owners (1 Wilder.Moto per Wilder.Wheel owned).
With the Moto claim, we implemented a new system that our Dev team engineered to eliminate the need for mintlists entirely (unless special circumstances of future drops dictate otherwise).
Wilder Wheels NFT holders simply had to show up at the site to mint and connect their wallet, all of which was outlined in a Zine. The Moto reveal was conducted in stages by model rarity, in sequential order over the course of ten days from July 25th to August 3rd, with special silver, gold, rose gold, and trailer Motos being revealed alongside the Hover model on August 3rd.
Collection Breakdown
Mint Price: Free claim+Gas
Mint date: July 12th - July 19th
Collection Size: 6396
Mint number: 4814/6396
DAO Allocation: 552
Marketing Allocation: 18
Contract Address: 0x51bd5948cf84a1041d2720f56ded5e173396fc95

Moto Utility and Rarity

Moto Utility

Motos have been engineered to become the transportation method of choice for Wilders with an appetite for precise cornering agility, rapid acceleration, and the ability to traverse a variety of tropical terrain.
As a Genesis NFT collection of the Moto industry, these initial 6,396 Moto will grant holders access to industry rewards and will qualify for use in forming a Trinity.
Further down the road, Moto holders will also have access to the community-owned and operated Wilder.Moto DAO where they can participate in guiding the direction of the industry towards a prosperous future! Like the Wilder Wheels collection, Moto features dynamic in-world utility giving Wilders the edge they need to have a transcendent experience in Wiami. A breakdown of this utility is outlined in the table below:

Moto Rarity

Moto rarity is the culmination of all the learning we’ve accumulated from previous Wilder collections. The end result is a collection primed for easy third party rarity service integration and no weights used in the rarity calculation.
The collection’s rarity is broken down into the following three tables:

Moto Rarity Sheet

Moto Talks
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