AirWild Season 2

The highly anticipated Air Wild Season 2 collection from Chad Knight, 5D artist/designer and Wilder World Head of Cyberwear, is the third procedurally generated NFT sneaker line of wearable kicks in the metaverse created with the Wilder.Kicks Guild (DAO).
With twelve models and 297 total kicks, this collection has something for all sneakerheads to rock in Wiami throughout their metaverse adventures.
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AirWild Season 2 Trailer

AirWild Season 2 Drop

The AirWild Season 2 mint took place on April 19th, 2022. Of the 297 Season 2 Kicks in the collection, 269 were available for mint at 0.21ETH + Gas.
AWS2 Contract Address: 0x35d2f3cdaf5e2dea9e6ae3553a4caacba860a395

AirWild Season 2 Utility and Rarity

AirWild Season 2 Utility

Alongside 1X staking for this collection (the same as AWS1), transcendent utilities are engineered to supercharge your metaverse experience in Wiami. Full AWS2 utility is outlined below:
See the AirWild Season 0 Utility Scale below for more info
AirWild Season 2 Utility Scale
Sprint Speed: Scale 1-3
1: Increased Speed
2: Fast
3 : Hyperspeed
Hops: Scale 1-3
1: Increased Jump
2: High Jump
3: Mega Hops
Swim Speed: Scale 1-3
1: Slow Waddle
2: Normal Swim
3: Michael Phelps Level
Climb Ability: Scale 1-3
1: Increased Climb Ability
2: Steep Climb Ability
3: Climb any mountain in Wiami
ZERO Gravity: Y/N
Yes: Activate the ability to walk like you're on the moon in Wiami.
No: Walk like a normal human.
Walk on Water: Y/N
Yes: Activate the ability to walk on Water.
No: You will not be able to walk on Water.

AirWild Season 2 Rarity

Rarity begins with twelve base models, each incredibly special in their own right. Base model and other basic attribute rarity is outlined below:
For basic attributes we journey further into our collection exploration with primary and secondary materials utilized in purposefully crafting each pair of kicks. Material is showcased below:
Add-ons put the finishing touch on each unique procedurally generated pair of kicks. AWS2 features two closure styles with a wealth of color options, as well as optional totems of various colors and materials. Add-on rarity details are below:
The traits that make each pair of kicks unique come together to form a rarity score within the overall collection. For a full list of rarity rankings, make sure you head over to this link to view where your NFTs stand.