Gameplay: Dev Logs

Dev Logs intend to give Citizens a raw, unfiltered, and behind-the-scenes look inside Wilder World. It won’t all be beautiful, but will give Citizens a transparent view of exactly where we are at from a development perspective. Our victories, our challenges, and most importantly, our progress. No one said building the Metaverse would be easy; our intention is that Dev Logs create more shared-understanding and excitement regarding how truly ambitious and increasingly real Wilder World is.
Dev Logs will serve as an official ongoing record for key decisions, milestones, and obstacles encountered in the trenches, enabling Wilders to ride shotgun and provide feedback in a collective and distributed creative process. You will see a lot of unfinished business– things like ugly gray-boxed buildings, half completed shaders, undeveloped neighborhoods, vehicles without working lights, buggy gameplay and half-baked characters. The intention is not to show you the final and ultimate high fidelity look of Wilder World, but what the gameplay will feel like and how the overall city is progressing. So far, we have released two Dev Logs; Dev Log 0 and Dev Log 1.

Dev Log 0

Welcome to the first-ever Wilder World dev log – Dev Log 0 (DL0). DL0 was our first major gameplay update since releasing our Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer (v0.1.14).
In DL0 we shared the progress made on the latest version of Wilder World (v0.1.15); including a comprehensive update on the development of Wilder World, Wiami, Wheels Racing and zSpace– the underlying technology that powers Wilder World’s open metaverse. We recorded Frank and n3o’s inaugural race on the Walpha Track and took you behind the scenes to various aspects of Wiami’s development, including core racing gameplay, track construction, key points of interest, avatars, and procedural systems, as well as introduced the urban plan of Wiami’s first neighborhood: Little Meow. For a full breakdown of DV0 check out the Dev Log 0 Zine and watch the Dev Log 0 Racing Gameplay:

Dev Log 1

Prepare yourselves for a mind-bending ride as we unveil Wilder World Dev Log 1 (DL1)—a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the latest build of Wiami. We could not be more excited to share the progress made since DL0 three months prior and showcase the incredible work delivered by the Wilder World team. For a full breakdown of DL1 check out the Dev Log 1 Zine and watch the Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser.
Racing through the streets of Wiami
DL1 is a massive undertaking delivered under a new team structure and development pipeline with the primary goal of increasing Performance, Fidelity, and Scale (what we are now referring to as the “Metaverse Trilemma”). We introduce our first core gameplay loop that integrates racing, fuel, and the $WILD token economy. DL1 combines the quality graphics revealed in our January gameplay trailer with the racing mechanics and world map introduced in DL0, and prepares us for our first launch later this year.
In-engine screenshot of Trinity Islands
You may have noticed in DL0 that the skyline buildings shown were mostly block-outs, Wiami was relatively empty, and the city was only seen from the upper track level. In DL1, we take you into the streets of what is now a live and bustling metropolis with incredible photorealism, performance, and scale. All assets have undergone extensive polishing to offer high performance, while matching the AAA fidelity we envision for Wilder World.
In this Dev Log we provide a glimpse into many of Little Meow’s hot spots, including the Hideout, Mushroom Towers, Sunset Strip, Boulevard Promenade, The Qube, GWEI Station, Tranquility Gardens, KIN Resort, Tower Zero, as well as provide a closer look at the Trinity Towers and Spacemind’s downtown district. We unveil details on the design language of the Avatar Collection where our character team has been working to cultivate truly expressive, memorable, and human avatars that are uniquely Wilder. These avatars are designed to make you the main character of Wilder World putting you at the center of your experience. Launching later this year, avatars are fully customizable and will be key to experiencing Wiami in the fullest sense.
In-engine shot of the Promenade
We have made significant progress in further integrating the ZERO Tech stack into Wilder World to support Web2 and Web3 authentication (login), rewards, ID as well as the zXP Protocol, Zero’s on-chain leveling, experience point, NFT staking, reputation and competition system, initially tuned for Wheels racing. There has been extensive progress with our production multiplayer systems. We will be sharing more in subsequent dev logs regarding our plan for massive-scale player concurrency to make Wilder World a fully persistent virtual world.
Leveraging AI in our creative pipelines was an operational emphasis this quarter, while we continue to bet on large scale procedural generation techniques for world building. We believe that the knowledge, lessons and systems built here give Wilder World a significant advantage over larger teams building AAA titles using traditional processes. Below, we include a section dedicated to exploring the systems and procedural tools shaping the immersive experience of Wiami. The results of this build were achieved using a more repeatable, performant, and procedural pipeline, with a focus on moving from early stage development to production level development in anticipation of our first major release. The lessons learned during this milestone were many, the challenges immense, but we believe our results shown here speak for themselves. We remain on track for an early ‘token gated’ release to a small cohort of players by the end of this year (2023 PST in OBR), with our main launch targeted for 2024.
In-engine screenshot in Little Meow
Achieving this stage of development stands as a testament to the unyielding dedication and focus of our talented team and the Wilder World community. Our dev logs will continue to be a window into our ever-evolving development process and offer authenticity and transparency for the enigmatic experiment that is Wilder World.
Gameplay shot