Gameplay: Dev Logs

Dev Logs intend to give Citizens a raw, unfiltered, and behind-the-scenes look inside Wilder World. It won’t all be beautiful, but will give Citizens a transparent view of exactly where we are at from a development perspective. Our victories, our challenges, and most importantly, our progress. No one said building the Metaverse would be easy; our intention is that Dev Logs create more shared-understanding and excitement regarding how truly ambitious and increasingly real Wilder World is.
Moving forward, Dev Logs will serve as an official ongoing record for key decisions, milestones, and obstacles encountered in the trenches, enabling Wilders to ride shotgun and provide feedback in a collective and distributed creative process. You will see a lot of unfinished business–things like ugly gray-boxed buildings, half completed shaders, undeveloped neighborhoods, vehicles without working lights, buggy gameplay and half-baked characters. The intention is not to show you the final and ultimate high fidelity look of Wilder World, but what the gameplay will feel like and how the overall city is progressing.

Character Pipeline