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The Secondary Market

Wilder World Metaverse Market

The Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM) is a revolutionary system of infrastructure engineered to address a number of problems with the current NFT space. It will be a highly liquid facilitator of all NFT transactions within Wilder World that provides unparalleled incentives and opportunities for the world’s greatest creators. WWMM will be the world’s first truly liquid, fully decentralized, and community-led NFT marketplace with zero fees.
Collect Rare NFTs for In-World Utility and Holder Benefits in Wilder World, The World’s First Fully Decentralized and Community Owned Photorealistic Metaverse Project. Wilder World is a New Dimension of Reality powered by the $WILD Token and Built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO.Tech.


You can trade Wilder World NFT collections on the OpenSea marketplace.
Wilder Wheels OpenSea
Contract Address: 0xc2e9678a71e50e5aed036e00e9c5caeb1ac5987d
Wilder Moto OpenSea
Contract Address: 0x51bd5948cf84a1041d2720f56ded5e173396fc95
Wilder Beasts: Wolf OpenSea
Contract Address: 0x1a178cfd768f74b3308cbca9998c767f4e5b2cf8
AirWild Season 0 OpenSea
Contract Address: 0x1c42576aca321a590a809cd8b18492aafc1f3909
AirWild Season 1 OpenSea
Contract Address: 0x4d8165cb6861253e9edfbac2f41a386ba1a0a175
AirWild Season 2 OpenSea
Contract Address: 0x35d2f3cdaf5e2dea9e6ae3553a4caacba860a395
Wilder Beasts: Wapes Opensea (Wapes)
Contract Address: 0x05F81F870cBca79E9171f22886b58b5597A603AA
Wilder PALs: GENs
Contract Address: 0x90a1f4B78Fa4198BB620b7686f510FD476Ec7A0B
Wilder Cribs
Contract Address: 0xfEA385B9E6e4fdfA3508aE6863d540c4a8Ccc0fE Cribs:
Wilder Crafts
Crafts Contract Address: 0xE4954E4FB3C448f4eFBC1f8EC40eD54a2A1cc1f5 Crafts:
Wilder Guild
Contract Address: 0x083C79c745A8E150D50d8bB572d8c35Df3926862 Guild:
Wilder World Cyberheist OpenSea
Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e
Wilder World Deck v1 OpenSea (OpenStore)
Contract Address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e
Wilder World Metaphoenix OpenSea(Makersplace)
Contract Address: 0x2A46f2fFD99e19a89476E2f62270e0a35bBf0756 Applies to The Phoenix, Phoenix Rising, Desert Flame, and Ride the Night titles only