Our character team has been working to cultivate truly expressive, memorable, and human avatars that are uniquely Wilder. From character base meshes, to clothing and accessories utilizing the latest Metahuman pipeline for ease of integration into UE5, these avatars are designed to make you the main character of Wilder World, putting you at the center of your experience.

The Wilder character creator will be the tool used by the community for our main PFP collection titled ‘The Wilders’. From within the Wilder World game menu, players will engage in a character customization process via our Avatar Creator. This will enable them to select from a limited and random combination of base attributes that create a truly unique, one of one Wilder Avatar like no other. Our focus is on creating highly modular systems. We have continued to finalize more modular pieces, and our modular hair & beard system adds a lot more flair to the characters. We now have Live Link up and running, spicing up the full interactive aspect. This will be an integral aspect of not only using your avatar in Wilder World, but also using it outside of Wilder World, on Zoom or ZERO messenger.

Avatar Drop

This year, all Trinity holders will receive the right to claim one free avatar (plus gas), for every Trinity held. The drop date has not yet been confirmed and details will be released in a Wilder World Discord announcement and ZINE. Stay tuned with Wilder World Dev Logs for regular progress updates on our Avatars.

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