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Welcome to our official links page. We put together this incredible list of official links as a resource for you to cross reference as you search for purchasing (real) WW Assets, Currency and to interact with our social platforms. We've also included contract addresses for NFTs and Tokens so you can ensure you're interacting with official Wilder World contracts.

🌐 Main Website of Wilder World 💰 Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM) The official marketplace to mint, buy, sell and trade Wilder NFTs. 📰 Wilder World Zine Scroll through published articles from Wilder World for ongoing updates.

🌐 Wilder World OpenSea 🏎ī¸ The Main Contract for Wheels ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0xc2e9678a71e50e5aed036e00e9c5caeb1ac5987d 🏍ī¸ Wilder Moto OpenSea ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x51bd5948cf84a1041d2720f56ded5e173396fc95 đŸē Wilder Beasts: Wolf OpenSea (Wolves) ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x1a178cfd768f74b3308cbca9998c767f4e5b2cf8

👟 AirWild Season 0 OpenSea ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x1c42576aca321a590a809cd8b18492aafc1f3909

👟 AirWild Season 1 OpenSea ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x4d8165cb6861253e9edfbac2f41a386ba1a0a175 👟 AirWild Season 2 OpenSea ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x35d2f3cdaf5e2dea9e6ae3553a4caacba860a395 đŸĩ Wilder Beasts: Wapes Opensea (Wapes) ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x05F81F870cBca79E9171f22886b58b5597A603AA 🤖 Wilder PALs: GENs ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x90a1f4B78Fa4198BB620b7686f510FD476Ec7A0B

🏠 Wilder Cribs ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0xfEA385B9E6e4fdfA3508aE6863d540c4a8Ccc0fE Cribs: 🛩ī¸ Wilder Crafts ⛓ī¸ Crafts Contract Address: 0xE4954E4FB3C448f4eFBC1f8EC40eD54a2A1cc1f5 Crafts: 🧑‍🎨 Wilder Guild ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x083C79c745A8E150D50d8bB572d8c35Df3926862 Guild: 🗝ī¸ Wilder World Cyberheist OpenSea ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e 📇 Wilder World Deck v1 OpenSea (OpenStore) ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e đŸ”Ĩ Wilder World Metaphoenix OpenSea(Makersplace) ⛓ī¸ Contract Address: 0x2A46f2fFD99e19a89476E2f62270e0a35bBf0756 Applies to The Phoenix, Phoenix Rising, Desert Flame, and Ride the Night titles only

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