Possessing characteristics never-before-seen on a PFP project, Wilder.Beasts is one of the most technically advanced and cutting-edge generative projects to ever grace the metaverse. Each NFT is fully animated and game-ready with realistic fur simulation; a first in the NFT space.
There will be a total of 15,321 game-ready Wilder.Beasts NFTs with 5D animation videos each featuring precisely 300 frames; that’s over 2.3 million rendered frames for the entire collection. These will be accompanied by high-resolution PFP graphics for owners to rock as avatars on social media and express their true Wilder Spirit!Wilder Beasts will arrive in 7 distinct collections, each with a unique species featuring organic, hybrid, and mech variant bases. Read more on the Wilder.Beasts collection in the Zine below:
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