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GEN is short for Generator; they are the Genesis Collection of the Wilder PALs industry and the first bodies inhabited by PAL energies. GENs are multi-functional telekinetic lifeforms whose bodies appear as an amalgamation of solidified material chunks arranged in an orb-like composition with various overlaps, layers, and intersections. They have a variety of capabilities, including resource collection, data processing, code decryption, hologram projecting, player guidance, recording, surveillance, levitation, channeling, and more. However, their primary purpose is as a generator.
A GEN can process various resources and energy particles through its Reactor Cores and output them back into the environment as repurposed matter, generating novel animate and inanimate creations. The first creations materialized by GENs will be Wilder PALs: BEING, a new kind of humanoid lifeform.
Since GENs are a Genesis asset they will have the same reward benefits that all Wilder Genesis assets have in that they count towards a Trinity, however they will not count in Trinity forming towards the first Land Sale Snapshot & Claim.

GENs Trailer

GENs Drop

Wilders had to hold a Trinity in order to claim or mint GEN! The Trinity Snapshot was taken on Wednesday, March 1st 2023 @ 11:59 pm PST. The Mintlist was published with a total of 2960 Trinities held across 1203 wallets! The Trinity Keeper Claim opened on March 16th at 12:30 PM PST and closed on March 27th at 12:30 PM PST, giving Wilders around 11 days to claim their GENs.
The Trinity Keeper Mintlist sale automatically went live as soon as the claim window opened on March 27th @ 12:30 pm PST.
Collection Breakdown
Mint Price Phase #1 - Trinity Keeper Claim: Free+Gas
Mint Date Phase #1: March 16th - March 27th, 2023.
Claim Allocation: 1 GEN per Trinity
Mint Price Phase #2 - Trinity Keeper Private Sale: 0.2 ETH + ETH Gas Fee
Mint date Phase #2: March 16th - March 27th, 2023.
Sale Allocation: 3 per tx (Unlimited Transactions)
Collection Size: 3696
Mint number: 3164/3696
DAO Allocation: 496
Marketing Allocation: 36
Contract Address: 0x90a1f4B78Fa4198BB620b7686f510FD476Ec7A0B
***GENs will not count toward your Trinity for Land Sale 1 Snapshot, but will count towards your Trinity for Land Sale 2 and 3 Snapshots.***


n3o :: Log 28 :: 2023-02-21 (OBR)
Since the GEN 0, or simply “GEN” as it prefers to be called, materialized in my lab after the Particle Collider activated, I've been running experiments—3,696 more to be exact—exploring why GENs form to begin with and how to maximize their capabilities. Interestingly, each GEN forms in its own unique way, so I’ve started to document their varying characteristics.
I have a better handle on the particle collider now although, I’ve had to detach the overhead robot arms during the GEN creation process as the violent bursts of energy kept knocking them down. Using the particle collider, I can manifest a super condenser vortex energy field with fractal like characteristics. In this vortex, cosmic particles are gathered and compressed into an almost spherical amalgamation of solidified material, with various overlaps, layers, and intersections—appearing like a real life glitch.
I have observed though, that the longer the particles are in the vortex, the more complex the resulting GENs body form is. What is peculiar though, is that this material gains consciousness, coming to life as a materialized GEN—but why does that happen?
Upon deeper investigation, I found that another kind of energy being entangled with the cosmic particles during the GEN materialization process. I believe it to be some form of invisible omnipresent life energy, unbound by space or time, existing in all dimensions simultaneously. I've code-named this mysterious energy phenomenon as PALs, short for “Polydimensional Autonomous Lifeforces”. This PAL energy somehow inhabits the GEN form like the soul of body and gives it life. GENs also have unique vocal capabilities which resembles a kind of bird like chirping with an other worldly reverberation overlaid. Ava has been documenting their speech patterns to translate what they are trying to communicate.
So far, GENs exhibit a variety of capabilities, but their primary function seems to be generating objects. GENs are able to harness resources and energy particles and transform them into new matter: a power that births endless creative opportunity and has my mind racing about what is possible. So far, my GEN has beeAn able to conjure up various tools and other small devices.
I’ve had Ava schedule tests later this month to determine how exactly GENs are able to create. My current hypothesis is the lens looking mechanisms embedded on the front of them are acting like an advanced network of Reactor Cores able to process complex materials in a way not fully understood.
The most exciting thing however, is what happened around Midnight... I was abruptly awoken by a loud energetic hum and light so bright it felt like daytime in my apartment. As I looked over squinting I could see this light source was emitting from a GEN. I jumped up to see why this was happening, but before I could get too close, the GEN zoomed out of my window faster than I’ve ever see one move before. Watching it from my window, it looked like a comet blazing down the streets of Wiami, illuminating a trail in the night.
I decided to follow the GEN as I did when my GEN brought me to the Trinity Islands, so I quickly ran to the lab and hopped into my craft. Luckily, I had placed a tracker on this GEN, otherwise there would be no way I could find it at the speed it was going. The tracker showed the GEN was on course towards the mainland forests of Wiami.
Soaring over Wiami in my craft, I could see all the beautiful city lights below vanish behind me in the distance as I began to fly over the pitch black forest. That's when I spotted a bright light emerging through an open area in the tree canopies, and without even checking the tracker, I knew this is where the GEN had gone. My craft started its decent to the ground so I could investigate up close.
As I approached the GEN, I could see it was generating something. I had seen this before when GEN materialized tools, but this was dramatically brighter and a purely majestic visual spectacle. What was this GEN creating? What I saw next changed my understanding of a GENs capabilities. The object it was making solidified and dropped to the ground—but then—it started to move! I was in shock, this new creation then stood up with what appeared to be a humanoid form. Before I could get closer, it quickly ran off into the forest and the GEN flew away. I jumped back into my craft and searched the forest area for while from above for this being, but to no avail.
Flying back to my apartment all I could think about was “Could it be that GENs can generate life?”
Things on my mind as I finish this log are — how are GENs able to levitate? — Or hold their bodies together with these floating pieces around them? I’ve witnesses a visual distortion blurring effect traveling behind them as they move as if they are effecting the local environment around them. It must be some form of telekinetic force but I can't be certain at this time…
I’m excited to unlock the mysteries of GENs in future tests. Logging off for now. END OF TRANSMISSION

How the GENs Collection Came to Be

GENs are an unexpected by-product of a journey that began when PALs were first getting worked on in July of 2021 before Ekim and Oleg joined Wilder World. In September, 2022, Chad Knight asked Ekim and Oleg to make a drone for a Wiami concept art. They used the PALs algorithm on a sphere to create something quickly and the first GENs were created. Frank and n3o ended up liking the unique look of the drones, and it was decided that a lore and metaverse collection should be created around them. Since then the team has made substantial advancements in their creation process, storyline and collection detail, which we are excited to unveil in the upcoming release.

GENs Creation Process

GEN traits are like DNA—take human faces, for example which are made up of eyes, noses, mouths, etc., but come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Facial features are unique within the parameters of a pre-determined function and facial location; generated via DNA under controlled randomness. In a similar fashion, algorithmic-controlled randomness lets each GENs body be unique but quantifiable.
An advanced procedural system was developed with SideFX Houdini to automate and streamline the entire GEN creation process. With a single click, the system pre-computes rarity values for proper rarity ranking, creates a GEN via attribute traits, textures it based on the rarity values, optimizes it, and results in a 100% metaverse-ready GEN. After each GEN is formed through the procedural pipeline, it automatically imports directly into Unreal Engine 5 optimized and ready to go with its materials and all, metaverse-ready to use in Wiami and beyond.
In fact, GENs are so metaverse-ready that a GEN has already made its in-world debut during the “Waking up in Wiami” gameplay demo, where you can see it hovering around n3o’s apartment assisting him. GENs currently operate in gameplay via a custom NPC AI system.

GENs Utility and Rarity

The Ultimate Utility GENs have a variety of capabilities, including resource collection, data processing, code decryption, hologram projecting, player guidance, recording, surveillance, levitation, channeling, and more. However, their primary purpose is as a generator. A GEN can process various resources and energy particles through its Reactor Cores and output them back into the environment as repurposed matter, generating novel animate and inanimate creations.

GENs Traits

GENs are the first fully and truly procedural metaverse-ready digital assets to date. While most metaverse collections are developed by creating a library of pre-made parts that are then procedurally assembled and swapped in and out with each other, GENs take procedural generation to an entirely new level!
Each time a new GEN is generated, its body form is unknown until complete. Instead of traits adding already-existing objects to a character, each GEN is uniquely grown; all of its attribute traits contribute to the growth process and final unique outcome. No main part of the GENs body is pre-determined or manually made, every GEN is entirely unique, even if the attribute trait values are the same. In this way the attribute traits are directly related to the GEN forming, as opposed to being an additive process or assembly. Each GEN is made up of 10 defining attribute categories with a total of 93 possible traits across them.
GENs have 3 distinct attribute categories that make up its body forming: Body Subdivision, Body Density, and Body Thickness. These define the GEN's overall form; the longer the particles were in the vortex, the higher the values. Higher values result in greater body complexity and durability. Every GEN is entirely unique, even if the attribute trait values are the same, this is because the body forming traits of a GEN defines the general size and amount of body parts a GEN has, but not the location and shape of those parts. Location and shape of body parts are randomized per GEN but done so within the confides of the overall GEN shape, along with the traits defining their size and amount. This is procedurally confined randomness!

GENs Rarity

Wilder GENs traits feel like entering a new era of digital asset creation methods. Each metaverse-ready GEN is entirely unique in form; the result of novel procedural generation systems created and refined over the course of nearly two years. Every GEN is made up of and has all 10 defining attribute categories, with a total of 93 possible traits across them which contributes to their overall rarity rank. An overview of the full collection’s rarity rankings will be released upon sellout or the mint closing on March, 29th 2023.
The collection’s attribute traits and counts are broken down into the following tables:

GENs Rarity Sheet:

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