AirWild Season 0

AirWild Season 0 Kicks were the first procedurally generated NFT sneaker line of wearable kicks in the Metaverse, created in collaboration with the Wilder.Kicks Guild (DAO) and 5D Artist Pet Liger.
There are 99 uniquely designed 1 of 1 NFT Metaverse ready sneakers in this collection, comprising 10 different models ranging in rarity. These sneakers push the limits of creativity, style and technology in ways rarely seen before. Different attributes include: boot style, lace color, primary material, primary color and secondary material.

AirWild Season 0 Utility

Alongside 2X staking for this collection, transcendent utilities are engineered to supercharge your metaverse experience in Wiami. Full AWS0 utility is outlined below:
See the AirWild Season 0 Utility Scale below for more info
Sprint Speed: Scale 1-3
1: Increased Speed
2: Fast
3 : Hyperspeed
Hops: Scale 1-3
1: Increased Jump
2: High Jump
3: Mega Hops
Swim Speed: Scale 1-3
1: Slow Waddle
2: Normal Swim
3: Michael Phelps Level
Climb Ability: Scale 1-3
1: Increased Climb Ability
2: Steep Climb Ability
3: Climb any mountain in Wiami
ZERO Gravity: Y/N
Yes: Activate the ability to walk like you're on the moon in Wiami.
No: Walk like a normal human.
Walk on Water: Y/N
Yes: Activate the ability to walk on Water.
No: You will not be able to walk on Water.
Mint date: September 12th 2021
Mint price: Auction
Mint number: 69/99
Contract Address: 0xc2e9678a71e50e5aed036e00e9c5caeb1ac5987d