The long-awaited second Wilder Beasts collection has finally emerged!
With heavily upgraded art and powerful in-world utility, Wilder Wapes are bringing much more than chaos into the wallets of soon-to-be holders around the world.
The collection of 3,000 NFTs features 171 unique traits—including some community favorites from the Wilder Wolves collection—and three base types: Organic, Hybrid, and Mech. Within the collection, there will also be six extraordinary 1-of-1 Wapes that take the art to an even higher level!
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Wapes Trailer

Wapes Lore

Transmission Received

n3o :: Log 03 :: 11-30-2022
For generations the Beasts lived in peace, undisturbed in their simulations custom-built to foster a flourishing ecosystem catering to the unique needs of each species. Across the normally serene wilderness, a devastating shift has begun.
I had a dream – something is wrong. These worlds are collapsing.
First came the Wolves, and now I’ve just received an alert of the Wapes undergoing the same form of terminal simulation collapse. It’s not clear why this is happening, and there’s no telling if it will continue with the other simulations.
I must find a solution before more Beasts are endangered.
Luckily the failsafe systems have functioned properly and saved simulation inhabitants, enabling the Beasts to escape their ravaged worlds by opening a portal leading to Wilder World. 3,000 total Wapes were recorded entering Wilder World.
They had entrenched themselves on the outskirts of Wiami by the time I ventured out from the lab to investigate. From afar, I could see they were very active and armed, operating within some sort of defined group hierarchy. Like the Wolves, some were damaged in their journey through the portal and have become much stronger with mech components.
Chaos has erupted. The Wapes have entered this world hellbent on destruction as if revenge was in their hearts. But why?
Before reaching their camp, the Wapes became militant and charged in my direction.
Caught by surprise, have the Wolves and I been overrun?
Wiami is under siege!
The destiny of our still unfinished city is unknown...

When the Wapes Met the Goblins

The Goblins arrived in Wilder World through a portal like those who came before them, materializing in a hidden cave on the dark side of the mountain range. They quickly made the caves their new home but were soon discovered by a group of Wapes who were exploring the expansive maze of tunnels and now semi-furnished rooms. At first, it was uncertain whether the Wapes posed a threat to the Goblins, but the Goblins were able to prove their usefulness to the leader of the Wapes by showing them the ins and outs of the caves. However, as natural-born tricksters, they conveniently "forgot" to mention the broken bridge further down the cave.
Once the Wapes moved on, the Goblins began planning their next move. They wanted to explore the outside world and play elaborate pranks on those they would encounter. The Wapes had mentioned the nearby metropolis of Wiami, and the Goblins saw it as the perfect place to start satisfying their hunger for mischief…
Read more about the Wilder World X Goblins partnership here:

When the Wapes Met Cyberkongz

Shortly after the Wapes arrived in Wilder World and decided to set up camp on the hidden leeward side of the Wiami’s mountain range, a group of scouts stumbled upon a cave with faint, vibrant light emanating from within. Cautiously, they entered the cave. Deep inside, behind a massive block of stone and down a tall wooden ladder, they found the CyberKongz.
The CyberKongz were unlike anything the Wapes had ever seen. They were tall and muscular, with glowing cybernetic implants and fierce, feral eyes. As the Wapes spoke to them, they began to realize that these creatures were not as fearsome as they seemed. In fact, the fun-loving creatures were friendly and harmless—the Wapes could see how they were not so different from themselves.
The CyberKongz explained that, soon after arriving in Wiami, they had fallen through a hole in the ground and ended up in the cave, where they built a large arcade for parties and other shared fun to pass the time.
The Wapes, more serious in nature, found the situation entirely absurd. They used the encounter as an opportunity to try and learn more about this new world which they had been brought to, but their questions went unanswered. The CyberKongz knew nothing of the world outside the cave or why they had been brought to Wilder World.
Ultimately the CyberKongz decided to emerge from the cave in the spirit of exploration and head toward Wiami. The Wapes retreated back to the shadows to build their camp far out of sight from anyone in the city…
To read more about the Wilder World x Cyberkongz partnership check out the below CyberKongz Have Brought the Party to Wiami

Wapes Drop

A snapshot of Wolf holders was taken on November 9, 2022, at 11:59 pm PST to determine eligibility for the Wapes allocation raffle. Included in the final snapshot was a total of 3,040 Wolf Holders; of those, we randomized the list multiple times and raffled off a total of 2,750 spots.
The mintlist includes the ETH address and the number of Wapes it was allocated next to it. Each Wolf held, qualified for a "ticket" in the raffle that determined final allocations, meaning that Wilders may have received multiple spots if they held multiple Wolves.

Drop Schedule

The Private Sale opened at 12:00 pm PST, on December 21, 2022 and closed at 12:00 pm PST on December 22, 2022. The Public Sale opened at 12:00 pm PST, on December 22, 2022 and closed at sellout.

Collection Breakdown

Mint Price: .07 ETH + Gas
Mint Type: Mintlist sale
Total Wapes: 3,000 (100%)
DAO Treasury Allocation: 90 (3%)
Marketing Allocation: 160 (5.33%)
Private Sale: 2,750 (91.67%)
Unclaimed: Public sale

Wapes Utility and Rarity

Wapes Utility

With each asset already fully rigged for the metaverse, owners will be able to journey through Wilder World alongside their Wape on launch day! Owning a Wilder Wape will bring powerful in-world benefits to any Wilders brave enough to channel the Wilder Spirit and form a bond with the Beast.
Each Wape will be able to follow its owner in companion mode, and if a Wilder is looking to align with the untamable side of their temperament, their in-world avatar can become the in-wallet Wape by activating channel mode.
Wapes also offer varying levels of boosts to hops and climbing ability; as some became either hybrid or full mech in their journey through the escape portal to Wilder World, the in-world utility strength of each will depend on what type of Wape it is.

Wapes Rarity

Each unique Wape is a procedurally-generated assembly of 152 traits within 11 trait categories that contribute to overall rarity rank. An overview of the full collection’s rarity rankings is available in the spreadsheet below:
Like Wilder Wolves, Wapes rarity begins with its type—either Organic, Hybrid, or Mech. The collection's traits are broken down into the following three tables:
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