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Wilder.Cribs is our genesis real estate release within the Wilder Nation, that consists of 108, 1 of 1 procedurally generated NFT luxury condos spread across 39 floors reaching up into the Wiami heavens.
Sophisticated and sublime, this captivating architectural marvel is chasing the podium place for the very best luxury in the Metaverse. With sprawling views of Wiami and futuristic living.
Across the elegantly and architecturally designed 39 levels there are six uniquely crafted floor plans with the majority of levels containing 3 stunning condos. Levels 37–39 will feature the Crème de la crème penthouses, the rarest of all the Cribs.
The most rare is located at the pinnacle of the building with private access to the rooftop which will have abilities to develop future features; including Wiami’s first roof-top craft-pad! Budding interior designers will be excited to know that we are developing a set of tools that will enable you to build out your own unique features in each condo; we want you to make your Crib, your very own.
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Cribs Trailer

Cribs Drop

The Whitelisting Raffle process: The Cribs Whitelist raffle opened at 12:00 PM PST on November 25th and closed at 12:00 PM PST on November 27th.
Our algorithm washed the list of entries for several data points including how much WILD and ETH entrants had in their wallet, the IP address of participants, along with other various tools to keep things fair and to flush out the Bots. This process whittled a list of thousands down to 81 winning entries. Whitelist Raffle Winners were announced in a
We also took this opportunity to honour our diehard core community members that have consistently showed up and added meaningful value to Wilder World. We’re all about rewarding our community members that contribute magic to the Wilder Nation. This process provided for 18 winning entries.
  • Wilder Nation Raffle Spots - 81 Cribs
  • Community Wadvocate Raffle Spots - 18 Cribs
Whitelist Raffle Winners were announced in a Zine.
The Cribs Whitelist Sale started on November 30, 2021 at 6PM PST amd was open for 48 hours. The Mint Price was 501 WILD + Gas Fees.
Collection Breakdown
Mint Price: 501 WILD +Gas
Mint date: November 30th 2021
Collection Size: 108
Mint number: 99/108
DAO Allocation: 9
Marketing Allocation: 2
Contract Address: 0xfEA385B9E6e4fdfA3508aE6863d540c4a8Ccc0fE

Cribs Utility and Rarity

Each Crib is broken into nine different asset classes which give the value and rarity to each Luxury Condo. The asset classes are as follows:
Cribs Asset Classes
Floor Number
Railing Material
Ceiling Material
Floor Material
Loft Floor Material
Stair Material
Wall Material
Similar to our other collections Wilder.Cribs will also have a leading asset class which holds more weight than all other asset classes. Traditionally in a condo development the price of the unit will increase as the floor number does. For that reason the leading asset class is the floor number that your crib is located on. To achieve a weighting system that represents this we have applied a weight that grows exponentially as the floor number increases.
We understand there are some traits that are subjectively more desirable than others that are not necessarily more rare. For this reason we have decided to keep all asset classes outside of the floor number balanced and represented strictly by rarity from the supply of the whole and nothing else.
The charts for each asset class and full details on Cribs Rarity can be seen below:

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