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DAOs and Proposals

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a coordination system for creators and businesses in the digital age. Unlike the traditional corporation, a DAO is governed by its members using rules that are encoded into computer programs and transparent on a blockchain ledger.
The members of a DAO commonly have shared ownership in the “company” via token ownership and will often use tokens to vote on the direction the protocol and community takes. DAOs that have higher levels of decentralization enable anyone to become a member.
What are the features of a DAO?
  • DAOs are organizational structures involving a cyber network of participants, or members, with a common goal.
  • DAOs employ a tokenized economy, using cryptographic tokens for governance, incentivization, reserve allocations, crowdfunding, etc.
  • The DAO essentially is a set of rules that is coded to automate and manage business operations.
  • Incentives, often appearing in the form of tokens, are aligned. Tokens are used to encourage people to promote that platform, signify a vote on an improvement proposal, and other actions that serve both the members and the DAO itself.
  • Rules may be enforced through automated consensus mechanisms that do not require human involvement.


The Wilder World vision has always been to create a decentralized and fully community-owned virtual nation to be experienced in our immersive, photorealistic Metaverse.
zDAO is the culmination of many years of work and many iterations for how DAO technology needs to work at scale. Unlike normal DAO infrastructure plays, Zero and the zDAO protocol are designed to be more of an interconnected and global "DAO-mesh", which connects together many different DAO system across ecosystems, tech stacks, and use-cases.
Key to zDAO is the establishment of "Industry DAOs." Examples of current Industry DAOs are the Wilder.Wheels DAO, or the automotive industry and Wilder.Kicks DAO, the footwear industry. For more information on Industry DAOs refer to the below dropdown menu.

Industry DAOs

All Industries have their own DAO where participation is granted by holding one of the Industries' NFTs.
Wilder World DAO
Wilder Wheels DAO|
Wilder Beasts DAO
Wilder Moto DAO
Wilder Kicks DAO
Wilder Crafts DAO
Wilder Cribs DAO
Wilder PALs DAO
With the DAO system live, Wilder industries have their own DAO and governance system at any zNA (e.g. 0://wilder.wheels). DAO wallets are active and viewable for everyone in the app. Citizens can see the transaction history and profitability of each industry in a fully transparent and open way.

zDAO Proposal 0

zDAO underwent a 90 day experimentation phase to test a specific governance structure developed by our team. The first proposal ran through the Moto DAO and was used as the primary source of testing. For more information on Proposal 0 please refer to the zDAO Proposal 0 and Proposal 0 recap Zines.
The success of the Proposal 0 has now been assessed both internally, and in collaboration with The Wilder Nation, during a Discord AMA that took place on November 4th at 10:00am PDT.

The Guild

The Guild is Wilder World's first official artist DAO, built for and by artists. Artists become members of Wilder.Guild and receive $WILD tokens for the artwork they sell. The guild is decentralized, meaning there is no company or platform in-between Guild members, patrons and collectors, the more the artist participates the more they are rewarded.
To build an immersive photorealistic Metaverse we need to attract the world's best 3D digital art talent and then birth some of the world’s most beautiful and rarest Metaverse content into existence. Wilder World has been quietly assembling the greatest 3D artists of our time into the Wilder Guild to collaborate on stories, characters, landscapes, and environments to create the Metaverse; it’s a project far more ambitious than any single artist could create on their own.
History's greatest cultural productions have been created in coordinated groups of artists building at scale. This is why we believe DAO’s are the future of NFT’s and human coordination in general and this new way of collaborating will allow utility and larger productions featuring NFT’s.
If you are a 3D artist that wants to join the Wilder Nation’s cyber renaissance please submit your art here.

Guild Drops

Wilder.Guild artist Frank Wilder Drop #1: ZUCKERBORG

World’s largest NFT/real-life sculpture hybrid piece SOLD by Wilder Artist Guild

Introducing Wilder.Guild Chad Knight drop #1: Wild Guidance