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April 10th, 2024

In the recent groundbreaking partnership between Wilder World and Samsung, we've taken a significant step towards merging the digital with the physical, ensuring that our immersive digital universe is accessible globally through Samsung's extensive hardware network. This partnership integrates Wilder World seamlessly into the Samsung ecosystem, starting with our presence on high-traffic platforms such as and Our vision to make Wilder World accessible to all is significantly bolstered by Samsung’s innovative technology and global reach, promising to deliver an unmatched metaverse experience right into living rooms worldwide through Samsung Smart TVs and beyond.

This strategic alliance not only broadens the reach and visibility of Wilder World but also sets the stage for future integration and collaborations within Samsung’s vast array of digital and consumer platforms. Our journey with Samsung will unfold in phases, deeply embedding Wilder World’s rich, interactive metaverse experiences into everyday technology and making them part of users' daily digital interactions.

We're thrilled about the potential of this partnership to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming and digital world landscapes. By leveraging Samsung's leading technology and extensive distribution network, we aim to revolutionize how people engage with virtual worlds, ensuring Wilder World’s place as a pioneering force in the next generation of digital interaction. This collaboration is not just a step but a giant leap towards realizing our mission of a universally accessible and immersive metaverse, embodying our core ethos: Wilder World is for all.

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March 28th, 2024

Our journey into the Epic Games Store marks a significant milestone in its expansion and outreach to the gaming community. By listing on Epic Games Store, we join a platform known for its generous revenue model for developers and its commitment to offering a diverse selection of titles to gamers. This partnership is not just about broader accessibility; it symbolizes our integration into the mainstream gaming ecosystem, leveraging Epic's vast user base of over 270 million PC users as of 2023. Such a move could potentially catapult us into a wider public consciousness, aligning with our mission to make the Wilder World accessible to all by connecting with a global audience of gamers.

The Epic Games Store, since its inception in 2018, has quickly risen to prominence in the digital distribution arena, challenging established platforms by focusing on a developer-friendly revenue split and engaging consumers with free game offerings. Our integration into this ecosystem allows for an exciting preview of the game, including lore, updates, and system requirements directly on the Epic platform. This collaboration not only brings us closer to achieving our top 10 wishlist goal but also sets the stage for direct access upon release, promising timely updates and exclusive content for our community.

This pivotal moment underscores a broader blueprint for interoperability and mutual enhancement between gaming ecosystems, fostering a more unified and accessible Web3 gaming sector. As we embark on this journey with Epic Games Store, it stands as a beacon for the future of gaming, advocating for a world where access to immersive experiences is not hindered by physical boundaries or platform exclusivity.

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March 21st, 2024

We announced our collaboration with SuperVerse, marking a monumental stride towards unifying the crypto gaming landscape through the integration of the $SUPER token into the Wilder World ecosystem. This partnership symbolizes the convergence of two visionary projects in the Web3 gaming arena, promising a future where gaming experiences are not only immersive but seamlessly connected across platforms.

SuperVerse, known for its ambitious goal to expedite global crypto adoption, stands at the forefront of creating immersive blockchain experiences aimed at transitioning Web2 users to Web3 technologies. This collaboration is centered around the integration of SuperVerse’s native token, $SUPER, into our ecosystem, enhancing the gaming experience with unified transactions and enabling cross-platform synergies. The integration aims to streamline transaction processes and foster an open Web3 environment by bridging gaming ecosystems, thus amplifying engagement and collaboration between players from both platforms.

Moreover, this alliance paves the way for revenue opportunities through in-game asset trading and cross-platform collaborations. It signifies the first of many steps towards supporting a variety of payment and token types within Wilder World, reflecting the core principle that we are a simulation for everyone. This initiative ensures broad accessibility by supporting payments in USD or alternative tokens like $SUPER, which are automatically converted to $WILD, further strengthening our Metropolis token economy.

Our collaboration with SuperVerse is more than a partnership; it is a beacon for the future of Web3 gaming. It illustrates a broader vision for interoperability and mutual enhancement between ecosystems, setting the stage for a journey towards accelerating the global adoption of Web3 gaming. This alliance is a testament to the shared vision and commitment of both entities to revolutionize the gaming industry, inviting players, developers, and enthusiasts to join in this groundbreaking venture.

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March 19th, 2024

March 18th, 2024

We unveiled our strategic move towards a gasless blockchain future by partnering with Polygon and integrating Celestia technology, setting the stage for a revolutionary modular blockchain system named Meowchain. This collaboration aims to support the anticipated scale of Wilder World, accommodating millions of players and billions of on-chain objects by creating a blockchain that is fast, lightweight, scalable, decentralized, and most importantly, operates without gas fees. The move to a gasless system is seen as a crucial step in enabling true internet scale for virtual worlds, allowing seamless and cost-effective interactions for users.

Meowchain, developed in partnership with our sister project ZERO, leverages Polygon's Chain Development Kit (CDK) for its deployment, providing a hyper-scalable, ultrafast Layer 2 solution for Ethereum with the distinctive feature of gasless transactions. This is achieved by shifting the responsibility of gas fees to application and protocol providers, such as Wilder World, which will cover these costs through our Metropolis revenue model. The use of Celestia's modular data availability network ensures Meowchain's scalability and the ability to support expressive on-chain gameplay through Data Availability Sampling (DAS), paving the way for a new era of blockchain-based gaming.

The partnership represents a significant technological advancement for the Web3 space, introducing ease of deployment, enhanced privacy and security, interoperability, and ecosystem connectivity. This aligns with our vision of making our simulation, starting with our flagship racing experience Midnight in Wiami, as accessible as possible while fostering a robust and vibrant digital economy. Meowchain's introduction is a testament to our innovative approach to overcoming traditional blockchain limitations, aiming for a decentralized and immersive metaverse experience free from the constraints of gas fees​​.

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March 13th, 2024

We announced a groundbreaking partnership with MetaGravity, setting a new benchmark in the evolution of scalable virtual worlds. This collaboration is driven by a shared ambition to realize a scalable, persistent, single shard simulation, marking a significant leap towards achieving a model of multi-player scale concurrency and parallelism that is unprecedented in the digital realm. After a thorough vetting process of potential partners specialized in mass scale concurrency, we found MetaGravity's technology to be unparalleled, prompting this pivotal alliance.

MetaGravity brings to the table its HyperScale Engine, which promises to shatter existing limitations by supporting over 100,000 players on a single shard. This capacity, with plans to scale up to 1-10 million+ users, not only signifies a technological marvel but also reflects MetaGravity's proven expertise in tackling massive challenges in multiplayer architecture. Their previous accomplishments include contributing to Eve Online’s historic Battle of B-R5RB, underscoring their ability to manage large-scale player engagements effectively.

The partnership prioritizes developer experience, offering seamless integration with leading game engines, such as Unreal Engine, to empower creators with the tools needed for innovation. This collaboration sets forth our ambitious goals, including scaling player avatars to 30,000 concurrent players within Wiami, supporting high-speed driving experiences with over 200 networked vehicles, and bringing the vast cityscape of Wiami to life with unparalleled detail. By eliminating traditional barriers to scalability, we are not just enhancing the player experience; we are also championing sustainability in metaverse infrastructure, aiming to reduce cloud operating costs by up to 99%.

This alliance signifies not merely a technical integration but a shared vision for the future of web3 gaming, promising to create a metaverse that is both immersive and expansive, offering creative and explorative freedom to its community​​.

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March 8th, 2024

We proudly announced the addition of two legendary figures in racing game development to our Wheels Team, aiming to significantly elevate the realism and excitement of our racing experiences. Aristotelis Vasilakos, with a storied 15-year history at Kunos Simulazioni, is celebrated for his pivotal role in creating Assetto Corsa, a sim racing game revered for its authenticity and widespread acclaim. Marcus Reynolds, with an extensive background that includes serving as Director of Physics & AI for the Simbin Development Team since its inception, has contributed to over 11 games, blending his racing simulation expertise with real-world racing experience to push the boundaries of realistic game physics and AI.

Their joint statement underscores a commitment to diversity and depth in gameplay, emphasizing the aim to cater to a wide range of player preferences and skill levels. This approach marks a departure from focusing solely on singular gameplay aspects, aiming instead to enhance the cumulative gaming experience through attention to detail across various elements. They credit the unique blend of a positive and skilled development team, along with talented artists, for the ability to realize their ambitious gameplay designs. This collaboration is seen as a culmination of their 20 years of joint experience, described as their most audacious project to date.

With these two industry giants joining our ranks, the anticipation for Wilder Wheels' next developments is at an all-time high. Their involvement is expected to redefine web3 gaming's standards, especially in racing simulations, by injecting unparalleled realism and diversity into gameplay. This addition is just a part of our broader strategy to enhance our offerings and community engagement, with more updates and expansions on the horizon​​.

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March 6th, 2024

Our partnership with NVIDIA GeForce Now signifies a pivotal advancement in making the expansive universe of Wilder World accessible to a global audience, transcending the limitations of individual hardware capabilities. This collaboration leverages the power of NVIDIA's premier cloud gaming platform, GeForce Now, to stream the rich, immersive experiences of Wiami directly to a wide array of devices, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets. It's a leap forward in our mission to ensure that anyone, anywhere, can dive into the metaverse without the need for high-end gaming hardware.

Featuring a flexible tiered pricing model, including an accessible free option, NVIDIA GeForce Now is instrumental in democratizing access to Wilder World. This approach not only broadens our community but also aligns with our vision of making the metaverse an inclusive space for all. Subscribers can select from various tiers that balance affordability with premium gaming experiences, highlighted by enhanced graphics and reduced latency, ensuring that every player has the optimal gateway to explore Wilder World.

Further enhancing this partnership, we're developing ION, our pioneering initiative aimed at optimizing cloud gaming specifically for the metaverse. ION represents our commitment to innovation, designed to work seamlessly with GeForce Now to offer increased reliability, optimized performance for Web3 gaming, and a tailored cloud gaming service that promises to bring next-generation gaming and the metaverse to the masses.

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February 29th, 2024

Operation Domino is our visionary roadmap, charting a course through strategic milestones to expand and enrich the simulation. It's structured into three pivotal acts—Awakening the Giant, Building the Economy, and Enriching the Experience—each designed to unfold our potential in creating an immersive, inclusive digital Nation State. From launching early access and establishing foundational technologies to introducing virtual land ownership and a dynamic economy, Operation Domino is geared towards fostering a vibrant community and ecosystem.

Key moments like the GDC Showcase and the launch of Meowchain signify our commitment to technological innovation and a scalable, gasless blockchain infrastructure. The introduction of virtual land and customizable avatars marks a deep dive into personalization, ownership, and identity within the metaverse, setting the stage for a universe of boundless possibilities.

As Operation Domino progresses, this roadmap will not just chronicle technological advancements but will also highlight the growing engagement and contributions of the Wilder community. Each milestone is a step towards realizing our vision as a digital realm that is truly by and for its inhabitants, inviting members to partake in shaping the future of this digital frontier.

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