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The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the Wilder nation’s digital museum of incredible creations that capture the Wilder Spirit and shape the community in unimaginable ways. Some outstanding citizens have demonstrated the Wilder Spirit and the philosophy of Wilder World in such impressive ways, creating content and inspiring actions that are helpful to light the way for new Wilder citizens. Here we recognise those amazing contributions from our community.
An Introduction to Wilder World by Bart Hillerich
Bart was the first to make the Hall of Fame with an amazing article published on Hackernoon. So impressive that we treat it as a "second whitepaper".
Sma11's Wheels Black Book
A brilliant document that ranks of all wheels, including their grouping and statistical sales value. A document that is used regularly by the community.
Wild Bookman’s Wilder World Assets Database
A complete database of crafts, wheels, and cribs by the one and only Wild Bookman.
Pufferfish’s Meme Video
A retro-style breakdance-off meme video by PufferFish that includes appearances from many of the WW Team Members & OG Mana & Sand characters.
Stam The 1st’s Meme Video
The Metaverse Big 3 Article by Bart
Wiami ft PRiMe PeRf
RobbieD’s One Wilder
Jingo Jim’s Wilder World Song

CryptoCaspa Wilder’s Ledger Settings PDF

Yob’s Wilder Terminology Spreadsheet
Wilder_Terminology_v2_2 (1).pdf
How to Spot a Scam by Ryan Schultz
Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT Metaverse Platforms: How to Spot a Scam. An important article to help the community stay safe.
Wilder Spirit by PRiMe PeRf
Congrats to PRiMe PeRf for winning week 1 of the contest with dope hip-hop beats and lyrics to describe the Wilder Spirit.
80s Vibe Wilder World by PRiMe PeRf
Week 2 contest winner! Congrats to PRiMe PeRf for back to back wins with this awesome 80s vibe entry.
Agent 007’s Wilder World Video Montage
Congrats to TheAgent007 for winning week 3 of the contest with this brilliant video montage encapsulating the Wilder Spirit.
Freestyle DesignWorks Metamercial 5D experience
Week 4 contest winner! Well done to Freestyle Design Works for putting together an epic Metamercial 5D experience.
The Past, Present and Future of NFTs by Tristan Hillerich
Congrats to Tristan for winning Week 5 of the contest with a wonderful article that describes the evolution on NFTs and why Wilder World will revolutionise the NFT industry.
Sleepy Story Box by Tomdickharry.eth
Congrats to Tomdickharry.eth for winning week 6 of the contest with this beautiful story on the Wilder Spirit.
Embrace the Wilder Spirit by BabyFace
Week 7 winner!! Huge congrats to BabyFace for putting together this amazing video montage to take you on a journey through the Wilder Spirit and Metaverse.
Helen_Delzany’s Killing Spree Begins
Congrats to Helen_Delzany for winning the Community Vote with her hilarious entries. Beware Wilders!!
WILD LIFE’s Music Collection by Darth Trader
Congrats to Darth Trader for winning Top Category Song with this hilarious playlist of Wilder tunes.
CryptoCaspa Wilder’s Wilder Pet
Congrats to Thierry the cute chocolate lab for winning best meme as the first Wilder Pet NFT
Lil Soap’s Wilder Spirit Tweet Thread
Congrats to Lil Soap for winning Top Tweet Thread with this awesome entry.
What Makes the Wilder Nation Special as a Community by XpTheVerse
Top Article/Story was won by XpTheVerse with this beautiful article highlighting why the Wilder World community is so special.
IRL Installation by Smokeyness
Congrats to Smokeyness for winning the prize for Top ILR Installation with this awesome entry.
Top Wildcard Winner Michaela
Congrats to Michaela for winning the Top Wildcard with this beautiful deck on the Wilder Spirit.
Wilder World Digital Art by Grizzly_chief
The Top Digital Art award goes to grizzly_chief for this superb piece of work.
Jones Wins the Cipher Event
Well done to Jones for getting in to the HOF by winning the Cipher event.
zChain infographic by LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y
Thank you to LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y for putting this invaluable infographic together to help the community get set up on the zChain.
Discord Text Tricks by LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y
Back to back HOF entries. LΘΤΣΝΣ and pok3y have created another brilliant infographic. This time, teaching the community some handy Discord Text Tricks.
Wilder World and Zero Infographics by Belshe
Thank you to Belshe for creating a total of seven very informative graphics about WilderWorld and Zer0.
Community Choice Award: Best Moto Emblem
Live Fast Die Wilder
@Wild Gem 💫💜 LFDW
@Freestyle DesignWorks
@D34N.79 | Wilder
Moto Quest 1: Madlib Winners
Moto Sapiens
@Batman Wilder
Moto Quest 2: Cipher Winners
@Mezdez | GOWWA | Polaris
Moto Quest 3: Breadcrumbs
Moto Quest 4: Word Puzzle
Wonster WENergy Racing
@Mahgeetah ~ wilderspirit.eth
@ᴢᴀᴄʜ ᴡɪʟᴅᴇʀ
Moto Quest 5: Find the Gatekeeper and Unlock the Vault
L.F.D.W. AKA, Live Fast Die Wilder
@Freestyle DesignWorks
@Wild Gem 💫💜 LFDW
@D34N.79 | Wilder
Moto Contest: Mini Trailer Winner
🥇Congratulations to @BabyFace for winning the award for top Mini Tailer award 🏆 🥳
Moto Contest: Artwork Winner
🥇 Congratulations @Freestyle DesignWorks for winning the award for top Artwork 🏆 🥳
Moto Contest: Music Winner
🥇 Congratulations @0://zero.LΘΤΣΝΣ for winning the award for top Music 🏆 🥳
Moto Contest: Wildcard Winner
🥇 Congratulations @Flying Bonfire for winning the award for top Artwork 🏆 🥳
The Triniyzer by FC.Wilder
Congratulations to FC.wilder for making the HOF with an incredible tool to visualize your Wilder World Trinities. Check it out here: