Burning Questions

Each monthly ZINE will conclude with a burning questions section. Those questions will be updated here. A full FAQ section for Wiki is coming soon!

Domino Roadmap

  1. Will GENs count towards forming a Trinity to claim a free Avatar?

  • Yes. A Trinity that includes a GEN will be eligible to claim a free Avatar. As previously discussed however, GENs will not count to Land Drop #1, but will apply to Land Drop #2 and #3.

  1. The Trinity Totem snapshot was taken a while ago. When will we receive our Totem NFTs and be able to claim the IRL versions?

  • The Totem release is part of the Domino roadmap and will occur in two stages. The first will be a free airdrop of the Totem NFT. The second will be the IRL claim, which will incur fees for the material only to make and produce the physical item.

  1. When is the next Beasts drop planned for release?

  • New Wilder Beasts collections are on hold until all existing Beasts are playable in-game. After that the production schedule will resume based on the existing plan.

  1. When will be able to stake Wheels and do you have any info on the mechanics? How will staking work? Will there be a vesting period? Can I unstake at any time?

  • As outline above, Industry Staking will be deployed on meowchain as part of our new rewards systems and Metropolis. Individuals will be able to unstake at any time. There will be vesting, but the exact vesting period has not yet been decided.

  1. What are the benefits of owning a Crib versus Land?

  • Land will enable you to build your own buildings using the resource economy that will be outlined in the GATE and Metropolis papers. Wilders will be able to build buildings based on different zoning types and then sell or rent their units. Cribs can be thought of as an individual unit, or the final product that can be sold with residential zoned land. Similar to these zoning types, players will be able to build factories, refineries, and stores with commercial, mixed-use and industrial zoned land.

  1. When will the whitepaper be released?

  • The whitepaper will be a collection of papers, including SET, GATE and Metropolis that will be released in ACT II (outlined above). These papers form the foundation of the metaverse and design of Wilder World. Future papers have not yet been announced yet.

  1. What upgrades will be made to the staking contract and when will these upgrades be implemented? Given the recent price action on ETH, it’s expensive to claim. Claiming to simply stake accrued pool rewards now exceeds $50? Can we batch claim rewards in one transaction?

  • Unfortunately ETH has become prohibitively expensive, hence the imminent and urgent need for meowchain. What we are likely to do is perform a migration path for Wilders to move their staked WILD to meowchain, free of charge, which would allow them to properly unstake. This is a complex and sensitive operation, but the best path forward. Once meowchain is live this will become a top priority.

  1. Are there any updates on advantages for higher chain/max chain holders versus Trinity?

  • Longer chain Trinities will receive better zoned land that is closer to core of Little Meow. Longer chain Trinities will also receive enhanced (force multiplied) rewards with ZBI and Passport, once those systems go live.

Dev Log 6

  1. What happens if someone decides to sell LAND (with it being backed by $WILD). Can it be sold to another person? Or just deactivated for the $WILD? Basically, how does the secondary market come into play?

  • The secondary market will function just like any other NFT. Holders will be able to set a price on the open market and people can buy it or not for a specific price. When the NFT is transferred (sold), the corresponding WILD backing it will follow the asset, which will be then controlled by the new owner.

  1. In a recent AMA, it was mentioned that higher chains will give you better odds at securing a prime land plot. Do GENs count towards a higher chain?

  • Not for land sale 1, but they will count for all subsequent land sales.

  1. For Wilders holding their assets in a cold wallet, how will they be able to sign transactions for game activities effectively?

  • Yes. You will be able to associate multiple wallets with your account. It may be required you use an in-game wallet, using account abstraction, for smaller transactions (micro-transactions), and cold storage for larger transactions.

  1. Will Wilders be able to choose whether a max chain gets a higher probability of a closer land plot or split into two base chains for more plots?

  • Wilders will be able to choose whether they want to have a max-chain or two separate Trinities.

  1. If $WILD token rises, how will this affect prices within Wiami? Will it be pegged to more stable values?

  • Similar to any nation with its own currency, changes in the underlying price will impact asset prices.

  1. According to the roadmap Land is scheduled for release before Avatars. Will land count towards forming a Trinity to claim a free Avatar?

  • This is not currently decided. Once dates are hard confirmed for both drops, these types of remaining details will be shared.

Dev Log 7

  1. How will the launch of the Meowchain affect $WILD LP Staking or Staking in general?

  • Once live, we will transfer staking pools to meowchain. The exact details of this process are not ready to be shared yet. The main focus is getting the chain live.

  1. Will there be one snapshot for Land Sales 1, 2 and 3, or will there be separate snapshots prior to each land sale?

  • There will be separate snapshots for each land sale.

  1. How will the Wheels upgrades affect rarity? How will the top tier Wheels stand apart from the lower tier Wheels if they are all made “super”? Will there still be a DAO vote for Wheels upgrades?

  • We are planning to keep the rarity from the original collection, though some details or traits will be represented differently on the upgraded Wheels. Given the aesthetics and execution that our team has significantly upleveled since the Wheels launch, our main goal with the Wheels upgrade is to ensure the cars properly fit with the aesthetic of Wilder World. Though, this will make some lower tier cars look better, it won't take away from super rare Wheels. Plus, it's worth noting we've only been showing the more common cars and haven't shown any of the updated rare Wheels yet. As for the Wheels DAO vote, we are planning to execute this, but don't have a specific timeline on when this will take place.

  1. When Wheels are upgraded in-game, will the NFT update as well? Or will the Wheel revert back to its original traits if sold?

  • The current plan is to update the in-game wheels and NFT media (display image and animation), upon the completion of the Wheels updates. The wheel wouldn't ever revert back to its original media following this.

  1. Will Cribs be upgradeable? For example, can I add a balcony if my unit lacks one?

  • There isn't currently a plan to upgrade the Qube, but holders are encouraged to submit a DAO proposal if there is interest in this idea.

  1. When will rarity rankings sheets be released for AirWild Season 0, AirWild Season 1, AirWild Season 2 and Cribs?

  • Given that these collections have already been released, we have decided not to release specific rarity after the fact as purchasing decisions have been made by holders based on the available information. That said, we do have rarity documents for the Qube and AWS2 which were posted in their original Zines.

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