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Wilder World is in active development and will roll out new game modes in different phases.


Fast-paced street racing with SimCade physics and vehicle customization. Create races and challenge Wilders to street races.


Embark on journeys or quests to achieve specific objectives, uncover mysteries, and level-up through a narrative-driven experience.


Close combat using hand-to-hand or melee weapons. Engage in combat against multiple opponents, in a fast-paced open-world.


Oversee the development and expansion of Wiami, while managing various resources and making strategic decisions to build your empire.

We have replaced traditional roadmaps with the release of quarterly Dev Logs. Dev Logs intend to give Citizens a raw, unfiltered, and detailed behind-the-scenes look inside Wilder World. Below you will see a breakdown of the 3 Roadmaps we previously released with some key highlights from each.
Invoking the Wilder Spirit (February 2022)
  • Wilder.Beasts: The first collection of Wilder.Beasts, The Wolves, are a series of procedurally generated 5D 1 of 1 NFT Pets that all come with a unique PFP and have dynamic in-game attributes.
  • AIR WILD S2: The third release of AIR WILD Kicks. Fully wearable in-game Metaverse ready NFT sneakers created in collaboration with 5D artist and newly minted virtual sneaker king, Pet Liger.
  • Wilder.Moto: The first collection of Wilder.Moto is a series of procedurally generated 5D 1 of 1 NFT metaverse-ready metabikes that come with dynamic in-game attributes.
  • WWMM v.2: Key updates to the Metaverse Market include a fully integrated app, a “buy it now” option, more Gas efficient NFT drops, NFT Rarity, and Advanced sorting to name a few.
  • Link for the full roadmap announcement here
Quantum Meow Mode (November 2021)
  • Wilder Cribs Launch: A rare opportunity to own a piece of our 5D Metaverse with the first land sales of its kind in Wilder World via an unReal Estate auction for Wiami apartments, condo and penthouses.
  • AIR WILD S1: The second release of AIR WILD Kicks. Fully wearable in-game Metaverse ready NFT sneakers created in collaboration with 5D artist and visionary Chad Knight.
  • $ZERO Token: We launched the $ZERO Token to the Ethereum mainnet. ZERO is our sister organization and the primary set of protocols / layer 2 infrastructure that Wilder World is built on. For more information please check out
  • $ZERO QDO: With the launch of $ZERO Token we will deliver on this promise delivering the bounty to those who believed in our long-term vision. More info here.
  • Wilder.Crafts: Vehicles continue to play a prominent role in Wilder World’s major industries and Wilder.Crafts is no exception, there’s definitely something in the air in Wiami.
  • $WILD Staking: Wilders are able to participate in staking pools to earn rewards for HODL’ing their $WILD.
  • Wilder Cinematic Trailer: The first cinematic trailer was released in Spring of 2022.
  • Link for the full roadmap announcement here
Road to the Metaverse (August 2021)
  • NFT Platform Launch: Our Metaverse economy is fueled by our uniquely designed Liquid NFT Marketplace, which enables Wilder Guild members to mint, collect and sell 3D digital art using $WILD. Our marketplace is focused on 3D content that lives exclusively in the Metaverse (in-game items, real estate, vehicles, etc.) and is fully decentralized.
  • Wilder Wheels Launch: 10,101 limited-edition, 1 of 1, fully drivable 3D vehicles as NFTs.
  • Wilder Artist Guild Launch: A fully decentralized DAO where Artists become members of the Guild in exchange for $WILD token and receive a percentage of sales based on the art they contribute. There is no company or platform in-between Guild members, patrons and collectors. There are also 0% artist fees taken (other than Ethereum Gas until we move to Layer 2).
  • AirWild Kicks Launch (S0): The first release of AirWild, a Metaverse ready NFT sneaker line created in collaboration with a select range of our favorite major sporting stars.
  • Link for the full roadmap announcement here