The Wilder World vision has always been to create a decentralized and fully community-owned virtual nation to be experienced in our immersive, photorealistic Metaverse.
zDAO is the culmination of many years of work and many iterations for how DAO technology needs to work at scale. Unlike normal DAO infrastructure plays, Zero and the zDAO protocol are designed to be more of an interconnected and global "DAO-mesh", which connects together many different DAO system across ecosystems, tech stacks, and use-cases.
Key to zDAO is the establishment of "Industry DAOs." Examples of current Industry DAOs are the Wilder.Wheels DAO, or the automotive industry and Wilder.Kicks DAO, the footwear industry. For more information on Industry DAOs refer to the below dropdown menu.
Industry DAOs
  • All Industries have their own DAO where participation is granted by holding one of the Industries' NFTs
  • With the DAO system live, Wilder industries have their own DAO and governance system at any zNA (e.g. 0://wilder.wheels)
  • DAO wallets are active and viewable for everyone in the app​
  • Citizens can see the transaction history and profitability of each industry in a fully transparent and open way

zDAO Proposal 0

zDAO underwent a 90 day experimentation phase to test a specific governance structure developed by our team. The first proposal runs through the Moto DAO and was used as the primary source of testing. For more information on Proposal 0 please refer to the below Zine.
The success of the Proposal 0 has now been assessed both internally, and in collaboration with The Wilder Nation, during a Discord AMA that took place on November 4th at 10:00am PDT.

Proposal 0 Primary Goal Updates:

  • Proposal 0 has generated 32 new Wilder NFT holders, 77.8% more than our established goal
  • Two new Trinities were formed as a result of Proposal 0: one by a Moto giveaway winner and one by a Spaces audience member
  • Of the 60 Motos given away, 25 were sold by recipients
  • Proposal 0 Twitter Spaces events reached 9,216 listeners
For more information on the success of Proposal 0 check out the Proposal 0 Recap Zine below: