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Wilder World Staking Site

Staking $WILD provides a new way to encourage ongoing community participation by allowing token holders and liquidity providers an opportunity to earn yield by staking tokens. The Staking Portal is a beta version, which will act as the foundation to eventually offer more opportunities to earn and stake eligible Wilder World NFTs.

$WILD Token Staking

In single staking, $WILD tokens are deposited onto the Wilder World staking portal and rewards are progressively earned in $WILD. Your initial investment is not locked, and you are free to make as many $WILD deposits and withdrawals as you wish.
Once your $WILD tokens are staked, you can view your rewards by connecting your wallet to the portal and accessing the ‘My Deposits’ page. $WILD rewards can be claimed anytime, but bear in mind that each claim transaction will incur gas fees. Once your $WILD reward tokens are claimed, they are locked in the staking pool for a period of 12 month and are thereby compounded.

LP Farming

In LP staking, liquidity is provided to the pool by staking equal values of WILD and WETH. When pairing these assets on Uniswap, you will receive LP tokens which act as a receipt of your deposit in the pool. These LP tokens can then be staked on the Wilder World platform to earn rewards. As with single staking, the reward for LP staking is paid in $WILD. Once claimed, the rewards are locked in the $WILD staking pool for a period of 12 months.
LP tokens provide proportional ownership of the pool, which is defined by the ratio of relevant LP tokens you own against the total number of relevant LP tokens currently in existence. LP staking offers higher APR than single $WILD staking but with increased risk due to the potential impermanent loss. Impermanent loss occurs if the balance of your pair is disrupted and the value of one token changes against the other. Learn more about impermanent loss here. Read more on $WILD token staking and LP farming in our Staking and Liquidity Market Zine.
Wilder World
Wilder World Staking Portal

How to Stake

Step 1: Go to the Wilder Staking site <> and open up the page.
Step 2: Once on the Staking Portal page, you need to connect your wallet. There are two ways to connect your wallet. You can either click the “Connect” button at the top right of the page or “Connect Wallet” button in the center of the staking portal.
Step 3: Once your wallet is connected, you will be able to choose between two tabs on the top left of the portal, which are “Pools” and “My Deposits.” Click into the “Pools” tab.
  • The “Pools” tab includes the available staking pools you are able to participate in.
  • The “My Deposits” tab includes all of the individual deposits that are tied to the connected wallet address. You will be able to see details like “Date Staked,” “Amount” and “Unlock Date.” Clicking on the three vertical dots on the line item will open up options to “Unstake Deposit,” “Claim Pool Rewards,” and “Stake in Pool.”

Staking Site Troubleshooting

If you run into any issues when trying to connect MetaMask to the staking site, please follow the below steps. If the issue continue to persist, please head over to Discord and open up a Customer Support Ticket.
  1. 1.
    Double check if your metamask is on ethereum mainnet network not other L2s like polygon or optimism
  2. 2.
    If the above doesn’t help kindly disable your coinbase extension in your chrome extension and still make sure metamask is on ethereum mainnet and connect.
Pressing Shift+f5 for a force refresh also helps Lastly, if you do these and still doesn’t work please disable and enable metamask extension from the extensions and refresh the staking website.