Wilder World Version Updates

HOW TO ACCESS THE GAME 🚨 Please submit an Application Typeform if you would like to join the group of testers.

New Testers You will receive TWO emails. Both emails have been sent to all new testers so please check the inbox of the EPIC registered email address that you provided in the Typeform.

  • One email will be from help@mail.epicgames.com, with an invite from Aram to “Join Wilder World”. Please note, you must accept the invitation to "Join Wilder World" to have access to the game, BEFORE redeeming the code.

  • The second email will be from cryptocaspa@wilderworld.com. This email includes the download instructions and a redemption code for EGS. Full details are in the email.

  • Redemption Code: 5SV25-J7HBD-BHKGH-R4YKY

Test List View the Wilder World Testers List to view the group of current testers.


Who is eligible for testing this phase? Those who meet the standard requirements stated above are eligible to test in Wilder World v0.4.0. As a tester, can I livestream, share my download link or share content of any kind including screenshots? Absolutely, we encourage Wilders to share their experiences through images, videos, and social media streams. When will the next test phase open up? We don’t currently have a timeline for opening up the next phase but will be sharing more information closer to the time of launch. Can I test the game if I am running a lower GPU card? To ensure diverse testing across performance thresholds, we are allowing some players to join with lower system requirements and therefore encourage those who don’t quite meet the requirements to fill out the application Typeform for review. Can I test the game with an AMD card? We may be able to invite you to test depending on your AMD card, but we have not optimized gameplay with AMD so we cannot ensure that you won’t run into problems.

Will Win-to-Earn rewards be implemented as part of the testing phase? No, this phase is being run to focus on gameplay and the mechanics of running the game. We want to make the rewards system fair for all Wilders and will therefore introduce rewards when the public version of the game goes live. We also want to ensure that we are running rewards the correct way, with wallet connect and security measures in place to protect Wilders. Will the test phase be 1v1 racing only? Yes. We will implement multiplayer racing in the future but test phase racing will be 1v1. Do I need to own a Wheel to take part in testing? No. For the public release you will need to stake your Wheel to get a loan Wheel from the 9LIVEZ racing club, but you do not need to own a Wheel to test v0.4.0. Can I race my own Wheel? No. We understand that Wilders will want to race their own wheels in the future and this is something that we will work towards, but it will take time. We currently have two Wheels customized for the racing experience. You can choose to race in either of the two Wheels. Will there be leaderboards (without rewards) for the test phase? Yes, the game will feature in-game leaderboards (without rewards).. Do you think multiplayer racing will be available by the time the public version goes live? Yes, the public version will include multiplayer racing.

Update Features

Wilder World v0.4.1 Updates
  • Fixed Auto Region Selection Bug (Windows): An issue preventing the auto region selection functionality from working correctly on non-English Windows installations has been addressed. Additionally, improvements have been made to enhance the overall functionality and user experience for region selection.

  • Keyboard Customization Functionality Restored: An issue preventing the customization of keyboard bindings has been rectified. Users now have the ability to remap keyboard keys according to their preferences.

  • Enhanced Race Selection with Animated Routes: The race selection page now features dynamic race routes brought to life with animations. This update provides a more immersive experience, allowing you to visualize the race course before starting the race.

  • Gamepad Functionality Improvements: This update addresses a number of bugs that were impacting gamepad functionality in the main manu. Players can now expect a more responsive and reliable experience when using a gamepad for control.

  • Tournament User Customization Introduced: Implemented multi-user functionality within tournament mode. This allows for concurrent participation by multiple players on a single PC using the same account. Each user can create and utilize their own unique name for identification purposes. The leaderboard and all associated functionalities will track performance based on these chosen names, ensuring an accurate and personalized tournament experience for all participants.

  • Resolved Dropdown Menu Conflict: An issue preventing the opening of a second dropdown menu while another remained open has been addressed. This fix ensures independent functionality of all dropdown menus, allowing users to access multiple menus simultaneously for a more efficient workflow.

  • Mitigated Double 'Find Match' Crash: A bug causing the game to crash when the 'Find Match' button was pressed consecutively has been identified and resolved.

  • Comprehensive UI Enhancements: We've conducted a thorough review and addressed numerous UI inconsistencies. This update encompasses fixes for element sizing, color accuracy, and positioning across the user interface.

  • Audio Spikes on Game Instance Change Bug Fix: This update solves a persistent issue in the early access updates until 0.4.0 which was the audible spike in volume as the game instance got destroyed, either during loading of the map or post-race transition back to hub.

  • Sounds for Race Selection UI Update: Tested and polished corresponding sounds for the Race Selection UI update in 0.4.0.

  • Concurrency Updates for UI sounds: UI Sounds from this update have concurrency set up for more efficient utilization of available voices and less ear fatigue for players.

Wilder World v.0.4.0 Updates
  • Background Crafts

    • Background crafts have been added to the level, making it feel more lively and dynamic.

  • Race Selection UI Update

    • HUB improvements with options and settings. Brand new track selection, multiplayer matchmaking, and more!

  • Improved UI When Racing

    • The racing UI has been updated to include a new “Delta time” value. Delta time is a dynamic value calculated at each checkpoint, comparing the current lap time to the player's best time at that specific track section. Positive delta indicates the player is exceeding their best pace, while negative indicates they are falling behind.

  • Automated Region Selection

    • This update introduces a new background process for automatic region selection. The system measures a player's ping to all available server regions and automatically connects them to the server with the lowest ping. This ensures players are connected to the server that offers the most responsive gameplay experience. UI updates have been made to display ping values next to each server option in the dropdown list, providing players with more transparency into their connection quality.

  • Wrong Way Indicator

    • A "wrong way" indicator has been implemented to visually notify players when they're traveling in the wrong direction. This functionality opens doors for future features like targeted in-game hints or alternative penalty systems.

  • Crash Detection System

    • A crash detection system has been added to identify player collisions with both static objects and other vehicles. In version 0.4.0, this feature will be used to collect data for future use, to enrich competitive gameplay in upcoming iterations with penalty systems that will impact player reputation through responsible driving incentives.

  • New Corner Marker Visuals

    • A great addition to improve quality of racing through the MIW tracks! The new corner marker visuals are far more visible from a greater distance. They are also more helpful at pointing the car in the correct direction if the player crashes into them. Rail-riding or wall-bouncing to gain speed won't be a lasting strategy: In upcoming releases, we will introduce penalties such as damage and power reductions for those attempting to exploit this player hack.

  • 3 & 4 Player Racing

    • We've been working on adding multiplayer races, and while we are starting with 3 and 4 player racing, the groundwork has been set for even bigger races in the future!

  • Dynamic Player Management System

    • This update introduces a dynamic player management system, allowing admins to easily add any number of player races to the main menu, complete with all the necessary visual and backend adjustments. It's a crucial step towards our upcoming grand racing vision.

  • Dynamic Car Spawning

    • The new system also paves the way for dynamic car spawning on the track. In the future, qualification races will determine a car’s position on the starting grid, adding another layer of strategic depth.

  • Scoring/Points

    • We've made adjustments to the scoring system for 3 and 4-player races.

  • New Racing Wheels Introducing three new Wheels to the track!

    • Whevrolet Wamoro W28 1969 - The traditional muscle car gains more… muscles! Bigger, wider, faster and all around impressive! At the same time also technologically advanced as the massive and powerful V8 is paired with a low center of gravity and even some active aero at the rear trunk!

    • Whelby WT 500WW 1968 - The definition of the muscle car. What could possibly be bigger than a Wamoro? A Whelby based Wustang! It’s impossible not to notice the massive bonet, desperately trying to hide the thunderous V8 engine.

    • We-Tomaso Wantera 1971 - From one extreme to another. When you look at the Wantera beside the Whelby it looks like a kids toy in comparison, standing at half the length and sitting very close to the ground…. But don’t let the small dimensions fool you. Placed in the middle of the car sits the same identical V8 engine. Short, agile, with a massive V8.

  • New Tire and Rim Designs

    • With the release of v0.4.0 we’re introducing brand new rims and tire designs for our cars. The rims have various sizes to fit the different cars but also come in staggered sizes front to back to achieve better handling balance and the typical sports car look that we all love.

  • Refined Visual Appearance

    • The improvements continue as all cars, old and new, have been fine tuned to have the correct ride height, track width and perfect stance.

  • Control Updates

    • The Wheels team has been working hard to improve the existing control configurations, with improved sensitivity curves, linearity adjustments and speed sensitivity.

  • 3 New Race Routes

    In v.0.4.0 we are introducing 3 new exciting race tracks!

    • Phantom Trail: This track starts from a brand new location - The Kadon Cafe. The new track drives across the city expanding for the first time to the west side. It’s easy to lose focus by looking at the wonderful night lights of the main city while storming down the long straights at high speeds.

    • Twilight Horizon: Also starting at the KaDon Cafe, the track storms across the city centre and explores brand new territory at the very edge of the north, west and south sides of the island! At the very edge of the west side of the island, the fast and technical long left bend that will definitely put your precise driving skills to the test. By far the longest and most technical track of MIW.

    • Thunderfall Haven: It might seem an easy track to learn, but definitely much harder to master. Four laps into this rollercoaster and you might see your opponents racing towards you in the opposite direction, as the street is divided into a two way racing track!

  • Leveling & Scoring Updates

    • Rating Updates: The leveling system has been updated with new scoring mechanics, enhancing the way players progress through the game. These updates provide a more balanced and rewarding experience, encouraging players to achieve higher scores.

    • Rewards System Updates: The rewards system has been updated to include rewards for bigger grids. The amount of rewards can be easily changed to accommodate various schemes and will be tested thoroughly with this release.

  • Little Meow to L2

    • All of the southern Little Meow area is now at L2.

    • L2 is addition of props, set dressing, signage, and other details. Basically bringing the area up to the standard we see on the race routes.

  • Neon Pistons + Hideout Parking Garage + Fuel / NOS Area

    • The Neon Pistons building has been updated, including the interior areas.

    • Hideout Garage is implemented with an entrance at Neon Pistons.

    • Re-Fuel & NOS is implemented in the area.

  • Tournament Mode

    • A dedicated tournament mode has been added, creating a distinct section within the game for hosting and participating in upcoming competitive events. This mode offers a separate gameplay flow for participants, and leverages infrastructure deployed in the Denver local AWS zone, strategically chosen for its proximity to the Austin tournament to minimize latency.

  • Whitelisting Functionality

    • A whitelist system has been implemented to manage access to upcoming tournaments. This functionality allows authorized players who meet qualification criteria to be added to a designated table. This restricts tournament mode participation to qualified individuals and effectively separates the competitive tournament experience from the main gameplay flow.

  • Tournament Leaderboard

    • A distinct tournament leaderboard has been added that is separate from the main leaderboard. This leaderboard will reset before each tournament, ensuring a clear and fair playing field for every competition.

  • Replay System

    • A state-based replay system has been added for single-player and multiplayer races, aimed at analyzing competitive performance for upcoming tournaments. Currently, replays save locally on players' PCs for immediate review. Future plans include remote database storage to enable centralized management, replay sharing, and potential integration with leaderboard displays featuring replay links for in-depth analysis.

Wilder World v.0.3.4 Updates
  • We've updated the "All Cars" filter on the leaderboard to now show your personal best lap time, regardless of the car you used. Previously, the filter displayed all your lap times for each track.

Wilder World v0.3.3 Updates
  • “Add Wallet Address” Field: a new “add wallet address” feature has been added to collect any $WILD rewards won during the Wheels Arcade Tournament.

  • UI update (current lap): The feature that displays current lap timer in the interface is back. This enables players to monitor their current lap time and compare it with their previous and best lap times.

  • Leaderboard Filter Updates: The default filter for cars is configured to display 'All cars', while the default filter for the time period is set to 'weekly'. This configuration allows players to view their results across all available cars and within the weekly timeframe, facilitating easy access to performance data

Wilder World v0.3.2 Updates
  • A new underground racetrack

  • Track availability update: players can now race on all 5 tracks

  • Simplified matchmaking: The system will randomly select a track if players have selected different races

UI Updates

  • Leaderboard filter: a new filter has been added to the leaderboard allowing players to select all cars, enabling a broader view of race rankings and performance across different vehicle models

  • Dropdown hover sound fix

  • Lap times on HUD: the HUD now shows the "best lap" and "last lap" times during races, helping players to track their performance

  • New region added: Seoul

Vehicle Updates

  • Dynamic Spoiler update: the Wiura now has a dynamic spoiler that reacts to speed and braking

  • NOS VFX update: visual effects for NOS have been updated

Wilder World v0.3.1 Updates

UI Updates

  • Enhanced seamless game loading for uninterrupted entry

  • Improved responsiveness of button hover states

  • Fixed hover states for switching cars to ensure smooth transitions

  • Increased padding in dropdown menus for improved visual clarity

  • Fixed "Report Bug" and "News" buttons to ensure functionality

  • Adjusted in-game element spacing for a more organized visual interface

  • Corrected alignment issues in various UI elements

  • Updated Leaderboard UI with correct animations and states

  • Implemented various minor visual updates for a polished look

  • Adjusted transition from a race to the HUB

Vehicle Updates

  • Faster gear changes for all cars

  • Improved Wevon and Waytona handling

  • Faster switching through forward and backward moving

  • Minor improvements in suspension handling bumps

Audio Updates

  • ABS integration in brakes

  • Force driven suspension audio

  • UI Updates for sounds

  • Surface accurate audio for construction zone

  • Coin Collection

Wilder World v0.3.0 Updates

Levelling System

  • The player accrues or loses points based on performance in each race.

  • The points determine the player's level.

  • While points are limitless, there are eleven distinct levels.

  • The number of points needed to progress to the next level increases with every level achieved.

  • The level system will track the quality of driving and the time spent racing.


  • Matchmaking considers player level and points, aiming to match racers with similar skill levels.

  • Prioritizes matching players of the same level and preferred track.

  • If the system fails to locate players of the same level, it will attempt to match players within a one-level difference, expanding to two levels if necessary.

  • Random tracks are assigned if players of suitable levels have different track preferences, ensuring fair play and reward distribution.

Mock Rewards with $MILD

  • Introduction of $MILD, a mock currency, to test the rewards system.

  • Players pay a 1 $MILD entry fee, with rewards adjusted through a simple reward and penalty system.

  • Winners receive a 10% bonus; losers face a 15% reduction. WROOM retains a 5% commission.

Random Coins

  • Coins appear randomly on tracks for additional $MILD rewards.

  • Players are required to drive through coins to collect them.

  • Players must complete the race to receive the $MILD rewards.

Improving Race Track Shortcuts

  • Construction zone shortcuts now feature destructible elements, allowing players to demolish obstacles

  • Destroying objects will significantly reduce your speed. Optimal use of the shortcuts requires precise driving and careful navigation around obstacles.

New Race Route

  • The new Seaside circuit offers an exhilarating drive through Neon Kwan.

  • Racing counterclockwise, drivers navigate narrow chicanes within dark alleys before emerging into the vivid colors of Neon Kwan.

Random Car Color and Pattern

  • Vehicles now start each race with a randomly selected pattern and color, serving as a base element for our upcoming basic customization editor, and providing a glimpse into future enhancements.

New Race Cars

  • We have added two new Wheels: the Wambo Wiura W400 1967 and the Werrari 365 WTB 4 Waytona 1968.

  • To ensure a fair race, these new racing Wheels will not come with additional enhancements in terms of physics.

Environment Optimization

  • Enhancements include raindrops rolling down vehicles, water splashes when driving through puddles, dust dispersion when driving over dirt and sand, a distinctive laser screening effect upon coin collection, and camera dynamics to emphasize speed during NOS boosts.

Entire Island L1

  • The island has reached L1 standards, complete with large-scale city buildings.

Wilder World v0.2.1 Updates

Physics Overhaul

  • Engine updates for more torque and power

  • Gearbox ratio updates for higher top speed

  • Handling improvements

  • Updates to ensure handling and physics are matched for both Wheels

  • NOS updates

Revamped Controls

  • New joypad and updated keyboard steering curves

  • Less deadzone for joypads


  • Camera FOV updates

  • New NOS engage camera VFX

General Upgrades

  • Personalize your experience with the return of lap number customization

  • Map disappearing issue has been fixed

Wilder World v0.2.0 Updates

Race Tracks

Two new race tracks have been added to v0.2.0. These tracks travel within the boundaries of the original Midnight in Wiami track, Nine Lives. The Nine Lives circuit has undergone significant improvements, not only in its overall surroundings but also in key points along the high pass section. The newly introduced, Lunar Lane, is a challenging counter-clockwise track characterized by a rapid succession of turns. With limited overtaking opportunities on the short straights, this circuit places substantial pressure on the car’s handling capabilities. Meridian Surge, is characterised by the longest straight. Cars can achieve speeds exceeding 150 mph, and with the added boost from NOS can reach speeds surpassing 180 mph. This creates an exciting opportunity for close racing and overtaking, however caution is required with extended braking distance at the end of the straight.

Rewards, Fuel and NOS

As part of the $WILD token economy outlined in Dev Log 1, future iterations will incorporate blockchain integration for purchasing fuel and Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS). Wilder World v0.2.0, will feature unrestricted access to fuel and NOS at no cost, in order to test top up feature functionality. Furthermore, while Win-to-Earn $WILD rewards will not be featured in this current iteration, it will be introduced in a subsequent release.

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